New PlayStation 3 super slim? "Never say never," says Sony

Will Sony launch a new super slim PlayStation 3? "Never say never," according to Sony's Worldwide studios boss S. Yoshida.

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Double_Oh_Snap1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

I would buy it.

StayStatic1640d ago

Why ? I don't understand , unless your current one breaks down seems like a waste of money just to own a slimmer version.

Also makes me wonder what they would have to strip out as they removed ps2 compatibility last time :(

ilikestuff1640d ago

agreed, and the original ps3 was a beauty, the slim is ugly as shit to me (i hide mine behind the tv) makes me wonder if they could make the anorexic ps3 even uglier

Dno1640d ago

1st off, ps2 was already removed when the slim came out so nothing would be removed with the slimmer version.

Second people like new toys. i bet you got the 4-5 different versions of iphone or ipad which cost 3 times as much as this would. So let him breath and buy what he wants.

GamingPerson1640d ago

f**k That! I want a super slim ps4 at launch.

PonyMadeFromTacos1640d ago

Why not? Maybe he doesn't have a PS3? I certainly don't have one, I want one, because of all the games, and MAYBE I would buy one if a new and improved version came out.

Peppino71640d ago

I'd buy one if my current ps3 breaks. The original 60gb was sexy though.

shoddy1640d ago

I want one for every of my 3 tv and both of my house.
No pun intended.

Disccordia1640d ago

They can remove the power supply from the back for a start. Probably rebound as psthree like with previous consoles. If they can hit a good price then why not I say

jacksons981640d ago

I think you are thinking of 360. PS3 original or slim has never had a external power supply.

Jihaad_cpt1640d ago

have you ever heard of Apple and their products people buy stuff like this...

fei-hung1640d ago

Some people trade their old ones in for a newer model since the newer models usually are better built.

e.g. the newer PS3 models after the glossy fatty had a slightly faster HDD, better fan, less noisier and gace of less heat.

If a newer model is released, chances are it would have an external power supply (saving a lot of space). If the power supply is external, it will probably require less cooling, the chips will probably be smaller too and it may even come with wireless N and USB 3.

Either way, if they do release one, I will probably trade one of my PS3's for a PS3 Slim. I just hope it will be sexy like the old fatty and not cheap plasticy like the PS3's.

Oner1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

StayStatic said ~ "...I don't understand , unless your current one breaks down seems like a waste of money just to own a slimmer version."

At least when someone does it with a PS3 it's usually not to replace a broken one like a what does it matter if he can own multiple consoles?

@ jacksons98 about Disccordia's comment ~ I think he was referencing how the PS1 & PS2 went to an external PSU later in their revision cycles...I think, and if it's not it's still a valid point and is a possibility. Though knowing Sony they would probably put right back in while making it even smaller once again (a la PS2).

Disccordia1639d ago

Yeah sorry I meant make the psu external.

ReadyBodyReggie1639d ago

>Nintendo releases new revision
>SONY considers new revision that only includes it being "thinner"
Some people...

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Lazyeye791640d ago

Me too, I fear that my old 60gb might die on me soon, so a newer slimmer, and hopefully cheaper ps3 would be great.

gaffyh1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

You really should, my 60GB died on me when inFAMOUS 1/RE5 came out. Then got a replacement, which died on me when I was playing Skyrim. Luckily I managed to transfer the save.

But one thing I found out was that you cannot restore a PS3 Phat backup to a PS3 Slim (which I got a couple of months before my 2nd 6OGB failure). Because my 2nd 60GB was still working, I was able to do the console to console transfer with a network cable. In fact, that is the only way to do it. So you need to get a slim before your other one dies.

-GametimeUK-1640d ago

The day my 60 died on me :-(
Bad times! I so wish I could have it back! I do think the Slimline does compliment my room better than the fat and it seems to generate less heat (might be my imagination) and is quieter.

A new version would be brilliant and I would buy one if ever my Slimline decides to die.

miyamoto1640d ago

there is a psychology to a smaller form factor like the PS2 Slim.

It makes any electronics unit look "affordable."

TheBigShamona1640d ago

I had a day one original launch 60 gig still running strong, until my house burnt down a year ago.

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BlmThug1640d ago

It your right to buy whatever you want but its just confuses me as to why you would buy this if you already have a functioning PS3.

dubt721640d ago

Same reason some people get new cars every 2-3 years. Shiny ne toy with less chance of breaking down...

PickAShoe1640d ago

those people are probably collector that never open their atari box.

aquamala1640d ago

These consoles won't last forever, esp the hard drive. If you can find a good deal for a good new console and good trade in/sell value for the old one, definitely do it. I swapped out my 360/ps3 last black friday.

vickers5001640d ago

I wouldn't.

I don't WANT a slimmer ps3, I want a ps3 that has better features.

How about 4 or 5 usb ports, with one in the back for the playstation eye so it doesn't have to annoyingly protrude out the front? How about bringing back memory card slots for SD. Or some of the other unncesseary but nice premium features that the original phat model had, like a chrome trim and lettering, a sexy black gloss material instead of the current ugly material, touch sensitive buttons like the original phat had.

We don't need a slimmer ps3. And oh yeah, how about some ps3s with different designs and colors? An inFAMOUS painted ps3 or something like that. I've only seen one or two ps3s like that, and one of them was only available in Japan (final fantasy).

A slimmer ps3 though? No thank you, unless it has some of the stuff I mentioned above. My ps3 slim I have is already light enough and thin enough as it is. Hell, I sometimes have to hold the damn thing down when putting a usb cord in the front because it moves so much from being so light.

SandwichHammock1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

I agree, except for the chrome and glossy part, I love flat black finishes, but that's more of a personal preference and I wouldn't call it a "feature" ;).

The back usb idea (especially for the pseye) is a stellar one.

The peculiar thing about redesigns (even if minor)is they always drop things in the interest of being on par with (most likely) a lower price. That is what happened to the 2000-3000 series cycle. The die thermals stayed the same but they cut the HDD and Network indicators on the front of the console. I recently had a hard time buying a 2000 series and ended up getting one from Shopper's Drugmart from all places and $40 cheaper than a 3000 series (same HDD size)from a place like EBGames. Yet it technically has more features.


jacksons981640d ago

PS3 has always been a great piece of electronics, but the rear USB ports have been something I've wanted since day one.

capcock1640d ago

Just Why?

you don't have to buy everything sony makes and get a new console just because it's "slimmer" doesn't make any sense at all.

hennessey861640d ago

is doing just fine thanks

dcbronco1640d ago

Ooh, Sony on Sony fanboy action.

Elvis1639d ago

I would have sex with it.

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FinaLXiii1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

As long it doesnt have overheating problems during an hot summer im fine with it.

Last summer i had to adjust the 2 trimpots (trimmer potentiometer) thats inside the Power Supply inside my PS3 Slim so that i could play games again without shutting itself off.

Oh_Yeah1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

@ FinalXiii they make these things called air conditioners now, probably in the top 5 best inventions ever made...check home depot or walmart man.

FinaLXiii1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

that doesnt help much for the ps3 stay cool when there´s 40 degrees outside belive me.

WeskerChildReborned1640d ago

So this will be the Playstation 3 Anorexic edition?

nukeitall1640d ago


I agree, they should make it smaller not slimmer. The darn thing barely stands on its side!

floetry1011640d ago

Still got my chunky-ass 80gb model. Thing looks like the goddamn monolith from 2001: a space odyssey.

Yi-Long1640d ago

... but the Phat is still gorgeous!

floetry1011640d ago

Not even denying that, I guess some people didn't see it that way.

gijsbrecht1640d ago

I love my 80gb Phat. It still holds a prominent place in my living room. A shiny work of modern art.

WeskerChildReborned1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

Love the look on the fat, wished they brought it to the slim. So shiny..