BioWare senior writer hints at Dragon Age 3 now clear of pre-production

Jennifer Hepler, a senior writer over at BioWare, has possibly revealed in an interview that Dragon Age 3 has now cleared the pre-production phase and is in development full swing.

Whilst describing an average work day, Helper says her team is at the "end of pre-production" and she's "outlining new stories" and creating dialogue for "larger plots". Surely it's DA3?

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Double_Oh_Snap2198d ago

I'm scared for Dragon Age fans. I really did enjoy
DA: Origins a lot though.

Dovahkiin2198d ago

I hope they'll listen to the feedback that they got from DA2. We all know if Bioware try, they can make a brilliant game.

Son_Lee2198d ago

Origins was more epic, and DAII had better gameplay. Combine those two with some new ideas and they could have an amazing game.

T9002198d ago

DA Origins was amazing.

DA 2 was a dumbed down game with console type gameplay in mind first.

Blacktric2198d ago

"and DAII had better gameplay"

Oh God...

Son_Lee2198d ago

It's my preference. Origins was TOO slow. I enjoy tactics and all that, but it was pretty slow.

People get butthurt when their opinions don't match theirs.

T9002198d ago

Maybe you played the console version of DA1, which really was of no compare to the PC version.

Console version had less enemies to make it easier for the restrictive control pad. PC version was pretty fast paced imo.

Blacktric2198d ago (Edited 2198d ago )

"People get butthurt when their opinions don't match theirs."

Yes. I sure did show how butthurt I was by just saying "Oh God...". The thing you are not obviously getting is that Origins was a fantastic old school RPG with some new elements added to it. Bioware already had a great action RPG hybrid franchise with Mass Effect and they could have easily kept the combat as the way it is with Dragon Age 2 to please the old school RPG fans who loved Bioware's old work. But what did they do? Completely dumbed the combat down to please those little kids who can't have fun if the combat is a bit slow paced and to sell a couple thousand more. Your opinion or not, it doesn't matter. Dragon Age II sucked in every angle possible, especially with the "revamped" combat system...

Xof2198d ago

Out of pre-production? How out of character. Sounds like they're taking their time with the game.

But, when all is said and done, even if DA3 is the -best- game ever, even if it's better than Shadow of ****ing Amn... I'd still have rather hand an ME3 that didn't suck ass.

Double_Oh_Snap2198d ago

Don't talk about ME3, I'm trying to forget the game that in 5 minutes killed an entire franchise for me.

Dark112198d ago (Edited 2198d ago )

How about a bigger map this time?
a town and 2 dungeons is JOKE for an RPG game.

Disccordia2198d ago

Its set in Orlais and supposedly four times larger than the map in DA:O. Repeated dungeons also confirmed to be OUT.

You play as a new character again although hawke and warden might be in it. Save importing should have much more of an effect.

Its all on wikipedia. I believe the source was a BW employee in their forums

Games4ever2198d ago

The DA2 Demo was enough for me NOT to buy DA2.

DA Origins was amazing, if DA3 are like DA2? Then good luck to those who purchase DA3 :)

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