GTA 5 and clones that become unique

InEnt writes: It is well-known in the gaming world that ideas are borrowed from each other, and some times new games could be borderline clones of past experiences like Grand Theft Auto. When GTA 5 gets its expected release date this year we could see future titles try and copy what Rockstar develop, although it wouldn’t be the first time.

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Awesome_Gamer2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

@Tr00p3r how do you know that, when the only watch dogs footage we saw is some scripted crap that was done on a high-end PC? and if you don't believe me (that it was scripted), then go to gamespot and download the hi-res video and look at the guy holding the controller, he was just flipping the right stick back and forth like a retard, he wasn't even playing the game! i don't really know how can anybody get excited for something when all they saw is a scripted bullcrap shown on a high-end PC, and even if the footage is real? do you honestly think a game where all you do is mess around and do some cool "hacking tricks" with your cellphone (watch dogs) will be better than a game where you can kill peds, drive cars, planes, helis, boats, parachuting on mountaints, climb mountains, causing havok in a fighter jet!!!! (GTA V) i appreciate your opinion about WD being better than GTA V, but i ain't buying into the hype where every year people keep overhyping every crime-sandbox game to be better than GTA and it turns out to be medicore in the end (eg, siants row 3, just cause 2)

EDIT: i didn't disagree with you btw (if you were wondering)

danswayuk2010d ago

GTA 5 will be amazing but there are loads of amazing games coming out of E3.

steve30x2010d ago

How do you know that when you dont know any details of the game.

steve30x2010d ago

Looking at Max Payne 3 I hope the graphics in GTA V are the same. I cant wait for GTA V.

Soldierone2010d ago

There are clones that do something different and thrive off it, so they are not cheap rip offs (Saints Row) and then there are cheap rip offs, none of which are worth listing.

Rockstar is the king of open world games, but the THQ team with Saints Row can give them a run for the money if their game keeps getting bigger.

WeskerChildReborned2010d ago

To me, they are both different type of games. Yes, they both have free roam but i see Saint's Row as an over the top,fun free roam while GTA as a more realistic type of free roam.

WeskerChildReborned2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

Double post, sorry.

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