GamesBeat: Breaking down what’s exactly new in God of War: Ascension

New story, new moves, new enemies, new levels…despite all that, God of War: Ascension still seemed “same-y” to me. The latest chapter — prequel, actually — in the mythological-themed action series didn’t pass the initial “this is a brand-new game” look test when Sony gave us a demo of the single-player campaign last week. No one would blame a casual observer for confusing Ascension with one of its predecessors. Skyscraping monsters, chain-blade-whipping combat, and limb-tearing brutality…yeah, we’ve seen that before.

But Luis Sanchez wouldn’t agree with that assessment. Sony Santa Monica’s senior game designer spent some time with GamesBeat and broke down in detail just exactly what’s new with this God of War, due out March 2013 for the PlayStation 3.

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acronkyoung2176d ago

Kratos is slightly less than unbelievably angry. Sold.

roblef2176d ago

This is Sony Santa Monica. When have they not made a great game?

Sadie21002176d ago

There's actually more things that's changed than I had originally suspected. The elemental stuff should be cool. I wonder if it'll be a rock-paper-scissors-( more thing) system, like water is good vs. fire, for example.

Now Kratos is all Fire Nation!

JeffGrubb2175d ago

They should kill off Kratos at some point.