New 25 min Beyond Footage (leaked)

Here is some new gameplay footage of Beyond: Two Souls behind closed doors at E3 2012.

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JoGam2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )


EDIT: So it play like Heavy Rain. Which reminds me, I need to pick up Heavy Rain again.

Godchild10202377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

I just hope it has move compatibility. I loved playing Heavy Rain with the move.

It sucks we have to wait so long just to play it. I expect it will release the same month Heavy Rain did, even though that month looks crowded with some heavy hitters.

Snookies122377d ago

They confirmed it is indeed Move compatible, I believe.

r212376d ago

here you go buddy:

i loved playing HR with move and am looking forward to playing B:TS with move :D

NastyLeftHook02377d ago

Im not watching this, id rather wait. what is the point of spending 60 bucks on a game if you are just going to watch it online.

AlaaAlii2376d ago

So what you're saying is that a game to you is 24 minutes long?

WeskerChildReborned2377d ago

I'm trying but my phone is so slow DX

Lior2377d ago

Looks like heavy rain with some design and gameplay changes

Valenka2376d ago

Looks amazing. Quantic Dream are geniuses.

Kingdom Come2376d ago

Genius'? How so?

Don't get me wrong, David Cage's direction is fantastic but I find the execution to be quite uninspiring, the game practically plays itself and is essentially an interactive movie. The games are enjoyable as long as the viewer is intrigued by story over gameplay, but the gameplay that is there isn't innovative in the slightest.

I look forward to seeing more but am somewhat disappointed with the titles linearity.

DoomeDx2376d ago

Isnt that the entire point of the 'game'?

to be an interactive movie?
I loved heavy rain. But i dont consider it as a game, more as an experience

Tachyon_Nova2376d ago

I agree with you mate, I would be much more in awe of these guys if they told a movie quality story in a way that is truly interactive in a traditional game sense. It would be a million times more engaging and memorable if you actually did the things that happen in the game as opposed to just rotating an analogue stick in a certain way.

MySwordIsHeavenly2376d ago

@Tachyon_Nova - I take it you haven't played it with Move?

Even with a controller, the gameplay is interactive enough to call it a "video game". It's not like a Tell Tale game where you walk up to something and watch a cutscene. You are interacting the entire time...and receiving 1:1 feedback.

morganfell2376d ago

If you had bothered to read any interviews Cage has stated...repeatedly to no avail it seems...this game plays more like one with traditional control.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi2376d ago

Seen it already.

watching it again.

JackBNimble2376d ago

I know I will get disagrees , but if it's anything like HR then it's a rental for me. I am not saying HR was a bad game ,but there is absolutely no replay value after finishing all of the endings.... which I had done in a week.

xAlmostPro2376d ago

I only played HeavyRain once, a lot of people i know played it a few times though.

I guess there is replay value for certain people. I think it was worth it's price for one play through though.

JackBNimble2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

Why would you pay $60 for a game that you play through once , when you can get that same experience for a $7 rental?

MySwordIsHeavenly2376d ago

You can go download a movie for free without consequence. You can also buy it new on Amazon...which gives money to the company that made it, including all people involved.

If you don't want more games like Heavy Rain, that's your prerogative. I, however, appreciate what QD does and would love to see more.

xAlmostPro2376d ago


Because 1) i was excited for it and would rather play it release date and 2) They deserve the money for it, money which in term is helping create their next great game..3) owning a copy is much better, should i have wanted to play through again right after or at a later date then i have that option.

That's why.

Maybe i would have played it if there wasn't so many other titles to play actually :)

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