Xbox SmartGlass: 10 ways it could rock the world of videogames

OXM writes: You think it's just another gimmick, don't you? And you're right, it is gimmicky - gimmicky like a fox. No, don't bother trying to make sense of that last sentence. Read on instead. Cast your doubts to the winds like the scraps of nothing they surely are. Matt, Ed and OXM intern Alice Scoble-Rees have dreamt up no less than 10 ways SmartGlass could be of service to videogames. If you can think of anything better, add to the list.

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dirigiblebill2379d ago

I think for stealth and survival horror games in particular, SmartGlass could be genuinely interesting. The Siren mechanic in particular sounds fun, though you'd need a high quality tablet.

dedicatedtogamers2379d ago

Remember the days when we got excited about video games because it was like "Wow! Look at this new game! The gameplay is so sick, and look how many levels it has!"

I miss that. Nowadays, everyone is going the Nintendo route: "Wow! Look at this new game! It's the exact same game you played three years ago, but NOW you can play it with motion controls... NOW you can play it cross-platform with the Vita... NOW you can play it on your smartphone!"

Sheesh. Is anyone truly happy that Microsoft would rather spend money on Smartglass than on... you know... games?

chela2379d ago

"NOW you can play it cross-platform with the Vita..."

cut it out so you avoid disagrees lol.

casual times, gotta deal with that

doublebass22379d ago

most of us miss these days,if you mean putting money to more xclusive games is another story.Its still another way of thinking for that company on how to reach more people,and not just for games.the smart thing on Microsft 's behalf is that its another extra otion free.

Nobody forces anyone to buy a tablet a smart phone,a kinect a vita,a camera,or a ps move to enjoy 99 percent games(apart the obvious kinect only games..duuhh)released.Its just an ease, an extra option, which sometimes enhances the game sometimes it makes it frustrating!.Like the 5.1 stereo.
You mean that you cant play a game if its not in a home theater inviroment,now,when a decade and a half before you were extremely happy just by a crt tv and stereophonic sound?Just like the increased resolution and aspect ratio and multychannel audio output is an option(you can definetely play the game without them,if you dont have the set up),that is exactly what the smartglass option is.You have you can use it and see if makes your expirience better,you dont have it?You can still enjoy playing.Not a big deal!!

As for Microsft,Sony or nintendo trying to promote new ways to play,they just look for more customers and ways to get more money out of your wallet,is it really that difficult to understand that?But that is another issue.

Somebody2379d ago

Point #8 sounds more like immersion-breaking than rocking the gaming world. Why would you want to look at something on the table when ALL the action is on the giant HDTV? Especially in a racing game. Jet fighter pilots have all their important information (target acquisition, speed, elevation, weapon loadouts, range to target) projected out onto their helmet visors so they don't have to look at the ones on the dashboard during a life and death dog fight. I believe Formula One drivers also employ a similar HUD system on their helmets, not on some tablets between their legs.

There's a reason why they don't encourage you make calls/text while driving in real life. So having a physically separate rear view in a racing game would be more detrimental than helpful. Besides you'll end up putting the rear-viewing tablet in front of the TV or your view of the TV which defeats the logic of it saving HUD space saving.

FCOLitsjustagame2379d ago

I see more hope with this setup then I do with motion controls.

The tablet could be a keyboard and mouse (drag your finger) for RTS games (#2). Of course show the map when walking around places like Skyrim so I don't have to switch back and fourth. Random crap like that.