DmC Devil May Cry Preview - E3 2012 (NGN)

NGN: "Devil May Cry has found itself in some hot water over its new developer (Ninja Theory) since their takeover of the franchise and is set for a mid-January release in 2013. Players were concerned with the new direction and aesthetics the game was heading. But aside from how our protagonist, Dante, styles and dyes his hair, what really matters, is if Devil May Cry has promise. To find out what was in store for us consumers, I had some hands on time with the game to explore its mechanics."

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Lord_Sloth2381d ago

For the last damn time, it goes deeper than his hair! The combat seems sluggish in comparison, the combos are dumbed down, the style meter practically builds itself, his attitude is all wrong (he's now a sadist), the Devil trigger is screwed up and only for aerial combat, the weapon morphs like in Heavenly Sword instead of actually having separate weapons which shows a lack of originality, Reuben Langden's not in it, etc...

Seriously, people, his hair is the smallest of the issues. Stop making it sound like that's all we complained about!!!