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Trenta271991d ago

I know, right? Where's my cross play?!

TheGamingArt1991d ago

Cross Play already exists... so what are you talking about?

Trenta271991d ago

For what? 3 or 4 games? It needs to be way more then that to take off. Sure, future games might have it, but it needs to be on older ps3 games as well.

WildArmed1991d ago

Honestly, if I could remote play all my PS3 games via Vita, I'd get a VIta in a heart beat.

Atm, they keep touting Vita as a extension of ur ps3... but you can't even remote play the games -_- so much for 'continuing the game where you left off'

It was understable for PSP, but Vita has enough keys to be able to act as a DS3 controller.

Man what I'd give to be able to play Red Dead Redemption from college via my Vita

ThanatosDMC1991d ago

I want to be able to add all my PS1 games into my memory card all ready... i have 22gb of free space.

xAlmostPro1991d ago


Cross play is a developer choice.

MaxXAttaxX1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

It is up to the game developers to implement these features. Take it up with them!

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Pushagree1991d ago

When was the last time the ps3 got a GOOD update. How about a mini in game xmb and a real web browser?

joeorc1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

give the people there making the d@mn software some time; God if any of you was even in the armed forces, that is a prime example of "hurry up and wait" you would not last 3 min's there with that kinda attitude you have; god your worse than little 4 year old children.

Even a 4 year old get's a lollypop in their mouth and shuts up every now and then.

they are working on it. BUT..BUT WE NEED YOUTUBE, and it's getting released the end of the month..but..but it should have been on the system aready right from the start. Really? and why is that? did you make the d@mn thing? did you pay for the people to make it's software?

IF no than you do not know what was to be released on the d@mn machine from the get Go.

you may say my Attitude sucks, and that im a fanboy defending Sony. No where am i defending Sony; Im simply saying the people who make the d@mn software and work on it every day is not your d@mn slaves. for $249.00 to $300.00 one time payment does not give you the express right to sit there and keep looking over their shoulder crying about features that they are working on , but are not being done fast enough for your impatience.

how about people stop harping about it over and over, they did not forget about your request the last 1000th time you asked about it last week!

instant gratification generation


you know there's a problem when there is a whole subject on the matter right now.

but my cell phone is sooooo slow...the signal there sparky is being shifted through a satellite
the cellphone was not even created until 1973 and the first mobile telecom phone was not yet commercially available until 1983. How many of you were born before 1983? if so you are older than the d@mn technology that was created.

Of course i get a disagree...but yet many on this forum still think it's overun by PS3 fanboy's defending their console of choice. When no it's just over run by fanboy's period.

CaptCalvin1990d ago

Actually we did pay for the people to make the software. It's a part of the $250 - $300 each of us had to pay when we got the system.

SpinalRemains1381990d ago

Yeah, cuz you need a good web browser on your console lol. Seems you have no trouble considering you're online right now posting. You probably have 4 browsers. PS3, phone, Vita, laptop, etc....

How many browsers does 1 man need? PS3 is for gaming, not surfing. It does the web just fine.

JoGam1991d ago

Umm, If it was worthless, it wouldnt be a update right? EVERY update is for a reason. Nobody releases updates just because.

hellvaguy1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

Most updates are just to keep one step ahead of hackers so they arent of much benefit to gamers.

Nimblest-Assassin1990d ago

Some on on this site said

"Gravity Rush is just one mediocre game and MGS: HD is WAY better on consoles (Vita doesn’t even have Peace Walker HD). Vita is dead (how ironic) and Sony as a whole will soon follow, just look at their crashing stock and company value. F ‘em!"

Then another replied
Are you gamers or stock analysts?

I find it hard to believe that any real gamer who isn’t a diluted fanboy would want Sony, one of the only companies constantly pushing new games whose competition pushes other companies as well, to fail.

“MGS: HD is WAY better on consoles” Yeah? And so is Mario. Your point is invalid.
I’ll be enjoying great games like Gravity Rush while you wallow in hatred."

This guy deserves a medal for being a true gamer. Why would you ever want a company to fail? Do you get excited with hundreds and hundreds of layoffs? Fanboys are the scum of the gaming world, and they are all in good need of a swift kick to the balls

Xof1990d ago

We're inching our way to 2.0, which will give us partial PS1 support for the PSN's partial library.



Disccordia1990d ago

Just waiting now for the hidden features article!

ftwrthtx1990d ago

I spent a long time looking for anything new, and found nothing. LOL

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dazzrazz1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

In Sony language that means patching security flaws :P

Tomonobu Itagaki1991d ago

If it was, they would make it mandatory.

TheRealist1991d ago

Gravity rush 2moro! Vita is by far the best handheld ive played..

SandWitch1991d ago

Oh you lucky bastards who will get it tomorrow. It launches in EU June 15th and then I will have to wait for a week-long delivery :(

GuruStarr781991d ago

downloading it now.... can't wait for Gravity Rush tomorrow... might pick up metal gear also!

ftwrthtx1991d ago

I just want some real remote play already

TENTONGUN1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

yeah man ive had my vita since day one and that was the big seller for me. i developed alot of paitent waiting on the game industry to release shit, but i really want to enjoy my vita more and its hard to wait. right now im just playin my consoles. :/

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