Nintendo's Silence is Hurting the Wii U

Last year Nintendo revealed the Wii U and its tablet controller to the world for the first time. We saw a sizzle reel of 3rd party games, analog sliders, and a hint of the next Mario Bros. game… and then we got nothing. Nada. Wii U information disappeared just as quickly as it had came, leading to a full year of speculation until Nintendo decided to finally re-reveal the console at last week’s E3 show. We saw several games. We were also left with a lot more questions than we should have been.

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fight4love2381d ago

I agree. Wanted 2 c 3 things mainly.
Launch games
Online network
they only talked about the launch games.

PopRocks3592381d ago

Forgive my math, but that looks like a list of 4 things.

TheRealist2381d ago

I doubt nintendo will ever officially announce specs.. Its going to take someone to strip it down to get the final verdict.. They know if ppl find out about the cut corners that they wont pay as much.. Online network will b btr than wii but i doubt by much.. Look at what they have now & what theyve shown.. Launch games are are ok but theres no system sellers in there unless u like mario bros or AC

DeadlyFire2381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

Nintendo is like its all about fun. You don't care about those things. Just buy our console.

I am very surprised really that Nintendo has said nothing about the price. Only reason I see them holding out on that is deciding how much RAM to cram into the system or optional included HDD storage even as a side item.

Khordchange2381d ago

This is the exact same thing they did with the Wii, patiences people

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isntchrisl2381d ago

Guess you can't expect everyone to actually read the articles they comment on. It's not trashing the Wii U. It's about gamer perception to Nintendo's lack of information. Nintendo wants to win over PS3/360 owners but they are holding back key information that might convince them to buy a Wii U.

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Kinect2381d ago

These are black times for Ninto

Dark_Overlord2380d ago

IMO it is hurting them, from the rumours of it being X times as powerful to the gameplay shown, its currently looking on par with what we already have available (PS3, Xbox360) Nintendo need to release the specs to give us a rough idea of how powerful it is.

Currently I have no interest in purchasing one if its not going to be much better than what I already have (may as well wait and extra year or 2 and get the next PS or Xbox), now if Nintendo released the specs we'd have a rough idea of its potential, which then may get me interested, but until that point, unless I see something absolutely amazing for it within the next 6 months, I think i'll just skip it.