Wii U Will Make Music/Fitness Games Better

The Wii U Will Make Music/Fitness Games Better. Nintendo blatantly stated this backing it up with such games as Just Dance 4, Sing (working title), Wii Fit U, Sports Connection, and Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2013.

OK, Nintendo. Prove it!

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AmayaAi1446d ago

Looks to be at the right course.

EVILDEAD3601446d ago

Maybe better than Wii, but nohwere even close than with Kinect. Dancing and Working out with Wii-Motes was cool because that's all we had at one point., but seems almost last gen compared to Kinect.


Treian1446d ago

Who actually has and uses a Kinect...just saying....

EVILDEAD3601446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

Who owns and actually uses Wii-fit anymore? Millions have been sold it must mean in bizarro internet world that no one uses it.

just sayin


NYC_Gamer1446d ago

Music games are perfect with friends and alcohol

ceballos77mx1445d ago

Dont think so, kinect is way better, jumping and dancing with that tablet/controller thing, i wouldnt risk it.

AmayaAi1445d ago

It's not about Kinect being better or not. It's whether Wii U can deliver its big promise or not.