NPD Fallout: Did UT3 Find a Home on PS3?

1up writes:
Gears of War sold in the millions, but that didn't translate to similarly spectacular sales of Epic Games' next title, Unreal Tournament III. Of course, there could be a few of reasons for that -- for example, the sheer amount of multiplayer shooters this holiday season could simply be too much of a good thing and PC owners may not actually care about Gears of War. Either way, it resulted in Epic and Midway seeing only 86,633 units of UT3 on PC moving by the end of November.

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xhi43863d ago

the ps3 versions only available in america.....i had to get mine through

decapitator3863d ago (Edited 3863d ago )

I dont think it fell out. People need to get of the mentality of a game been a failure if it does not make it to the NPD. Take a game like Uncharted, it is well on its way to sell millions world wide. The fact that it does not appear on the NPD list does not mean it is a complete failure.

I Know what 1UP is really trying to imply is that, the game should come on the Xbox 360 so sales can be increased. But I don't see that happening with Gears 2 on the horizon for the 360.

So in conclusion, this game will remain on the PC and PS3. And No it did not fall out of the NPD considering, it is not even "out" in all regions yet. Period.

Just my 2 cents.

kevoncox3863d ago

Just admit that it flopped! If NA is the biggest FPS market and it has broken 200K then it's not going to break 1 mil.

barom3863d ago

It had a mere 2 weeks on shelf before christmas with limited supplies and on a release date announced 1 week before actual release. Those are few of the reasons it didn't sell as well as other titles. And 2-3 weeks on shelf (whereas one was after christmas = everyone was broke) and sold over a 100k is pretty good.

It's definitately not a flop.

mikeslemonade3863d ago

Well Gears was aggressively marketed by MS and Epic. MS and Epic were tightly knit and made Gears almost part of the 360. And that's the Microsoft Strategy in games is to have one game every year that is hyped and all the intention is that game. Sony doesn't do it it believes in it's diverse lineup games and UT3 happens to be a very great game, but it doesn't cater to most PS3 fans. There's a good amount of PS3 fans that aren't even into shooters which is why heavenly sword sold pretty well and DMC4 could do the samething. DMC4 on PS3 won't sell more than the 360 version, but the PS3 version see good sales such as heavenly sword.

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sonarus3863d ago

i just started seeing advertising for unreal tournament 3 now. They advertised very poorly

wildcat3863d ago (Edited 3863d ago )

I saw ONE UT3 commercial this past holiday, that's it.

poos33863d ago

ut2004 makes this game ut3 look liek apile a of po po haha the ps3 ut3 software sales are as always dismal developers are taking note of this

niall773863d ago

thats better then I tough since it didnt have alot of marketing and no one knew when it was coming out untill a week before the release.

Armyless3863d ago

actually, god help the rest of you when I finally do.

mintaro3863d ago

they really dropped the ball on advertising this game, it's a good game, so why not market it?

CrazzyMan3863d ago

good game will sell anyway soon or later.

They very rarely advertise ps3 games, last time remeber only that they spend some money on advertising Uncharted, and only in UK or Europe, don`t remeber for sure.
And Uncharted did better in Europe.. =)

Lex Luthor3863d ago

Lets keep this short and sweet.