E3 2012: Exclusive Darksiders II Video Interview -

"Who could not be a fan of Darksiders when it plays out like a new age mystic Zelda title at least as far as gameplay and mechanics. Nevertheless we got to actually get our hands on a demo of Darksiders II and it truly looks like it will not only be amazing but..."

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TheSuperior 2231d ago

I'm liking how you are playing as death in this game. I actually never played the first one so idk the story behind the game or anything but I've heard it was good. Can anyone tell me if the first one is worth buying or what over game its like?

Moby-Royale2231d ago

It's $19.99. Give it a shot.

They already said it is reminiscent of Zelda. Specifically OoT. Keep an ear out for the torches.


This game looks SICK! I am going to buy the first game and complete it >.< I really love how you fight war in the demo!

Psychonaughty2231d ago

"plays out like a "new age mystic" Zelda"

What are you on? It plays out like a biblical Zelda quite clearly...

TheGrimBunny2231d ago

I won't disagree with you, but it is the interview that matters any any content included in the article relating to the actual demo played.