GamesBeat's E3 non-award awards: The least prestigious awards in the industry

GamesBeat's Jeff Grubb writes: We saw some messed up stuff at the Los Angeles trade show, man. We were horrified to find dudes in 20-year-old Sonic t-shirts, a cubic ton of crossbows, and “We Are Young” by that one band playing on repeat in every booth. It was a lot to deal with. Instead of running to safety, like any well-adjusted human would, we handed out awards to celebrate all of the weird.

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davidfca2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

Back when I worked shows like E3, there was a rule. You don't wear a video game shirt to the show. Because c'mon, you're at E3. We already know you're a dork. You don't need to wave the freak flag any higher.

Or at least in that particular way. I once interviewed Tecmo's Satoshi Kanematsu in a set of red satin pajamas. What the hell, it was day three and they were comfortable.

Sadie21002227d ago

I really wish I could see what this Jane looks like. I want to know how he fell in love so quickly.

SybaRat2227d ago

Can we have more swearing and bewbs on national TV?

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