Star Wars 1313 Preview: Bring on the PS4 - PSLS

One of the best games of E3 wasn’t even announced specifically for the PlayStation 3, yet we were so smitten by it, we’re covering it anyway. Also, part of the reason, is that we suspect that the reason that any platform, let alone the PS3, wasn’t announced is because the game may very well be the first next generation game we’ve seen thus far… and you can’t announce a game for a platform that doesn’t yet exist. - PSLS

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cervantes2402377d ago

I'll be keeping an eye on this game and Watch Dogs. Both look very impressive.

Sev2377d ago

These two HAVE to be next gen. Current consoles can't run them.

Thecraft19892377d ago

In the shape they where shown surely, but you've got remember both where shown on I think on a gtx680 so there is lot room to lower settings and resolutions.

I do agree they should and maybe held of to next gen systems though.

Nimblest-Assassin2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

Watch Dogs was announced to come out next year for current gen consoles and pc... and maybe wiiU

Even though I am dead excited for Watch Dogs... Im very cautious about 1313... simply due to the fact the last Lucasarts game I was dead excited for TFU2... disappointed me so much, I do not want to feel the pain of TFU2 all over again

Heres why I hated the game

4 hour story
Made Starkiller a really awesome character into a raging moron looking for a girl
WTF Darkside ending
No replay value
Good ending feels cheap
No resolution
Have to beat challenge mode to uncover if Starkiller is a clone (spoiler: he is)
The game keeps telling you its impossible to clone a jedi... and vader does it like its nothing
Destroyed the narrative potential of the series, even with the firsts magnificent story

I really am scared to be scarred by a Star Wars game again... and I have loved star wars since I was 4.... Im just too scared to get hyped for a Star Wars game again... after TFU2 felt like a kick to the balls, over and over and over again

insertcoin2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

OMG, what can't we have next-gen now?!

h311rais3r2377d ago

Because most console owners have shown they don't want it and are contempt with what they are being served. That's why I play most of my games on pc. My consoles are for exclusives (halo, gears, uncharted, killzone etc) but currently rocking Max Payne 3 and DayZ.

Hicken2377d ago

Not contempt, but content. And with some of the games we've seen shown at E3 that will be on current hardware, why would you want to rush?

solid_si2377d ago

@Thecraft1989 were did u get the information that both were running on nvidia gtx680..I know they were run on high end PC but Nvidia gtx680 is the very highest which i doubt it was running on.

I rekon it was running on early dev kits for next gen that M$ & $ONY have provided but they may have originaly worked on nvidia GPU's...Its clear they have been worked on for quite some time now and i wouldnt be suprised that they are both a lauch title.

peowpeow2377d ago

The devs said it themselves, can't link cos im on my phone though. also makes perfect sense to use the gtx 680, you wouldn't want hiccups while showcasing your game lol

GamingTruth2377d ago

lol this stuff isnt next gen according to sony and microsoft neither was anything shown at e3

NYC_Gamer2377d ago

Any long gameplay videos released?

archemides5182377d ago

i'm not buying this on ps3, all the effects will be too toned down, ps4 only (or pc)

GamingTruth2377d ago

so what last of us impresses me much more and guess what pc cant run it, so much for all pcs new hardware it still cant run ps3 exclusives

nepdyse2377d ago

Because its a PS3 exclusive fuckwit.

GamingTruth2377d ago

so what sony online entertainment develops several games for pc, so why not ps3 exclusives? cause pc cant run them without them looking like mario for nes