Project Ogre to be shown next month?

In an interview with, Hideo Kojima talked a little about the Fox Engine. He explained that the screenshot of the meeting room released earlier (see the picture below) was indeed running on current generation hardware, and that the engine uses tricks to make it look better. Due to those tricks it would also be possible for environments to look like that, even with characters in them and in motion.

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Paradicia1992d ago

I really hope it's MGS5. Bring the goodness Kojima. I have a feelings its going to be a prequel.

Blackpool1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

I don't think it's MGS5.

auen11992d ago

i wonder what kojima san is referring to when he says that there will be something taboo in his game.

personally i'm hoping for a ww2 era mgs with the cobras fighting it out in europe, africa, east asia, australia, and south america. most ww2 games have ignored the warfare in countries such as china or australia; i wouldn't mind seeing what kojima could do with that.