Rayman Legends highlighted for Wii U, not necessarily exclusive

"Ubisoft is "not really saying it's a Wii U exclusive," but Rayman Legends is certainly positioned as a major launch game for Nintendo's new hardware.", writes Joystiq.

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Lucreto2352d ago

They never said it was a Wii U exclusive.

It is more of a showcase title for the Wii U.

malypso2351d ago

I agree, but if I were in Nintendo's shoes, I would try to keep every little bit of exclusivity I could on the console.

TheRealist2351d ago

They wont. Most titles from 3rd party that are bankable wont be nintendo exclusives for long or at all

stuntman_mike2351d ago

the demo at the ubi conference was awesome the game is looking even better.

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