Silicon Knights sees layoffs, says Nintendo rumor "has no basis in fact"

"Last month, a judge awarded Epic Games $4.5 million in damages in its countersuit against Silicon Knights, and the developer quickly said it would appeal the court ruling. Times are tough at the Canadian developer, and now Silicon Knights boss Denis Dyack has responded to rumors spreading on the web that the studio is "in limbo" and that Nintendo had cancelled a sequel to Eternal Darkness.", writes GamesIndustry.

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eagle212258d ago

Cool so Eternal Darkness WiiU???

SuperLupe2258d ago

What has this studio done since Too Human ? Everytime I hear about them its about their lawsuit with Epic.

afterMoth2258d ago

Rare and Silicon Knights... two once great (ok Rare was great, Silicon Knights probably a one hit wonder) developers under Nintendo's helm. Both producing nothing but garbage after Nintendo.

NYC_Gamer2258d ago

SK is just another one hit wonder studio that people give too much credit

StarFox2258d ago

well they did actually create blood omen and remake MGS1 which were both successful. so i wouldn't say don't deserve credit but they indeed get too much though

Moby-Royale2258d ago

Which is exactly what he already said.


TheRichterBelmont2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

Eternal Darkness was an amazing title, one of gamecube's best. Would be great if they can somehow still make Eternal Darkness 2!

Too much wishful thinking ><

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