Ghost Recon Online is Still Coming to Wii U… on eShop?

Last year Ubisoft announced that their free-to-play game, Ghost Recon Online, would be coming to Wii U. Since then no details have been given, until now.
eShop Gamers has a strong suspicion it will be coming to the eShop.

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nintendojunkie282290d ago

I wondered what happened to this game.

MarteenGreen2290d ago

Yeah, I'm glad it just didn't get cancelled altogether.

ATi_Elite2290d ago

I think they went back to the drawing board for Ghost Recon Online, they really need to step up the quality of the game.

Firefall, Tribes Ascend, Blacklight Retribution are very very good F2p titles with Warface and the Battlefield 3 killer Planetside 2 on the horizon.

Tribes Ascend and Blacklight Retribution are out NOW! Firefall is in beta and is FANTASTIC.