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"E3 2012 was considered by many to be the most gun-heavy show we have ever seen. However, looking back upon the week, there really were no more shooters than usual. In fact, most of the games were featured in last year's lineup! So, why was it that we felt there was too much bullet-spewing this year?
The problem was not the abundance of FPS titles, but the lack of anything else to offset them. When you remove the endless sport talk, there was really ... nothing.", writes EscapistMagazine.

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floetry1012353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

When has Sterling ever been hateful of Sony? He has issues with the fanbase and the majority of big business, but no man that gives Killzone 3 a straight-up 10 has an issue with Sony itself.

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Swiggins2352d ago

That's exactly it, it's his OPINION, and everybody has one.

If he puts his opinion out there (which I may or may not agree with) that's his business, and if people read and listen to his opinion, then more power to him.

Who the hell are you to decide who gets a voice in the games industry Jack?

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