GamertalkL E3 2012 - PlayStation All Stars: Impressions, Controls, and the Game’s Win Condition

How exactly do the controls and win conditions in the upcoming Playstation Allstars differ from other games of it's genre? Read more to find an indepth review on the game's mechanics.

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smashcrashbash2144d ago

So you would rather not block and dodge and be the tool for someone to level up their special attack right? The dodge and block are to prevent someone from taking your AP while you try to build yours up. Why is that so hard to understand.Why would you only attack and not dodge? Won't that just make it easier for your opponents to attack you. and don't people always pick on the weakest in a game? Who is it that people go for in SSB when they want to rack up points and get kills fast? The person that can't play of course.

GCFOX2144d ago

Because if you are dealing damage to them, they aren't dealing damage to you. There is a lot space in the game so moving was simply more effective. Your own vitality isn't important to win. Just out DPSing your opponent is because you are gaining special and taking away theirs. See, I wasn't the tool for someone level up-ing up their special, it was just the way the battles unfolded. Some player's felt punished because they were NOT attacking. That shouldn't be the case either.

That's the way I feel about those systems in the game but it is a Beta and who knows, the impressions could be an artifact of no one really understanding the game yet, or an incomplete build, etc. We could just be wrong but those are my pressions from my time with it (3 Hours). I did like the game over all and I hope it does well.

GCFOX2136d ago

I wanted to say thank you for simply kindly disagreeing with me. I really mean it. When I made this post I was thinking 'Great, Im going to come back to a flame war just for speaking my mind'. But I didn't and that makes me a little happy. =)

Krimmson2144d ago

I personally would have preferred if the game played like Marvel vs Capcom, or even like Power Stone. But that's just me.

Rhezin2144d ago

Marvel vs capcom? EHHH NO! Don't get me wrong that's an amazing game same with its sequel, but for Sony? NO! SSB formula was the way to go with this IP.

telekineticmantis2144d ago

the system is interesting, but it causes to many exploits, and removes some of the diversity in gameplay