Halo 4 "The Commissioning" Live-Action Trailer

In Halo 4 "The Commissioning" Live-Action Trailer witness the unbridled optimism of the launch of the UNSC Infinity, then its crash as an ancient evil pulls it into a mysterious world where the Master Chief will begin an epic new Halo adventure.

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JohnApocalypse2140d ago

Wouldn't it have been better to show the footage before the showing the title?

crxss2140d ago

how did this make it through? it's already been out for almost a week

tigertron2140d ago

We've already seen this.

Paradicia2140d ago (Edited 2140d ago )

It's the extended version of the trailer at E3.

Master Chief can be seen at the end.

Paradicia2140d ago

I mistook it for the newly aired TV spot for Euro 2012.

aviator1892140d ago

You should change the video to the uk one if you can.

blue7_72140d ago (Edited 2140d ago )

I don't like this one it's probably the worst live action trailer they have made in the Halo series.

Hopefully their is another better one to promote Halo 4.

PwnerifficOne2140d ago

I really liked this one, and a ton of people seem to agree lol.

aviator1892140d ago

This footage has been taken from a full 90 minute film. So, I'm sure we will be seeing some very awesome action scenes and a variety of other scenes closer to launch date.