Gravity Rush Review | Edge

Edge: "Exactly the kind of original game that a fresh-faced system such as Vita needs."

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DialgaMarine2111d ago

And here goes Edge, continuing their game of waiting for Sony exclusive Metascores to settle, and then writing a BS review that intentionally tries to lower said metascore.

Although, to be fair, this review is alot better than the Destructoid and IGN BS reviews.

LightofDarkness2110d ago

My god, you people are never happy. Edge is a monthly publication, their reviews tend to wait until the magazine is sitting on shelves. They said good things about it, gave it a good score, and you still complain about "teh conspeeraseez". Let it go.

HarryMasonHerpderp2110d ago

Finally a great score for a Playstation exclusive from EDGE! cant wait to get this game!

g-nome2110d ago

Sound good , might have to get this , but only started Unit 13 and Virtua tennis so i'm out of budget for games.

JoGam2110d ago

How is Virtua Tennis? Im thinking about getting it.

g-nome2110d ago

Loving it , just like the ps3 version , and the best looking vita game out in my opinion. Online works great too.

artsaber2110d ago

Was carved out of pure awesome. If you are not sure, just try the demo. It completely sold me on the game when I had never heard of it. I've been waiting for this day for sometime. The official release day for Gravity Rush!

belac092110d ago

im in awe of the amount of suff to do in this game its the best game out right now, vita or otherwise.

tarbis2110d ago

A surprising high score review for a PS game from edge.