Top 10 Sexiest Resident Evil Characters

Lee here again, I wasn’t planning to do another of these so soon, but, I had this one lined up and have decided to put it up early. Hey, this much sexiness over such a short space of time can’t be bad right? This time taking a look at some of the sexiest Resident Evil girls, I’m fully aware this has been done before, I just wanted to get my own views out there.

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Sonyslave32296d ago

lol Sheava is way better looking then jill

Kurylo3d2296d ago

nothing beats jill from resident evil 3.

Myst2296d ago

Female Zombie? Oh boy..

ItemGet2296d ago

I wanted to include a wide spread of characters!

Myst2296d ago

What about Jessica :o?

ItemGet2296d ago

I completely forgot Revelations existed when writing this. Maybe I'll do a hand held and spin off top 10 in the future. Jessica is hot too dammit.

FinaLXiii2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

Albert Wesker is the sexiest one belive me.

MWH2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

Excella Gionne her accent alone wins no contest but i'd say Jill, Sheva and Sherry are also hot as a habanero on you guess what.

TheDivine2296d ago

Def Chri...Ahem..I mean Jill. Definately Jill.
And Parke...Sheeva. Def Sheeva and Jill. No Parker. I didnt say Parker.

Now Leons a different story....

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