Why do we need multiple devices to enjoy one product?

According to Microsoft and Nintendo, we need even more devices in order to enjoy video games. But...why?

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Caligula2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

I think tablet interfaces can benefit gaming, though probably not immediately. Managing lore and inventories on a separate display sounds pretty great to me. Imagine having all the lore in Skyrim on a device that's easier to read.

live2play2348d ago

it does remove alot of the clutter on the top screen and sometimes you dont even need to pause the game to choose an option from the menu

it depends on the developer and if they implement it right

although there are quite a few who are just so against new ideas instead of a button

OPTIONS is key here
give gamers the option to use either or

the wiiu pro controller does that its the smake button layout sans screen

N4g_null2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

It's called a controller... The PS3 has the eye, and the glowing orb, and hard drives.

Now if these things where say toasters, egg beaters, or say covettes you would have a point but these things are called interfaces and are used to interface better.

An example is top down games can now be on a console and many of the things that normal controllers could not do can be done with these devices, more so with the wiiu game pad.

Actually that game pad is a sort of consolidation purely for gaming yet it can do other none gaming things.

Hey but this is bit bomb.... it's ok to get a movie watching device but oh no a TV remote hells no I don't need no stupid remote.

It's also called an option...

Khordchange2348d ago

it's a controller, you kinda need one to play a game console lol

SKUD2348d ago

IMO, I don't see the need to stare at another screen such as the tablet controller for the wii u. I would imagine your neck getting tired fast by Always looking down and then back up. Interection should be kept to a bare minimum as to not disturb the flow of the game.

live2play2348d ago

havent played ds much i see
its not that hard