Splinter Cell: Blacklist will be more stealth oriented than Conviction, also added Ghost mode.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist was one of the big reveals for Ubisoft at E3 2012. The return of Sam Fisher is always a big deal, but for long time fans of the game, Conviction was a departure from the norm. Stealth tactics took a back seat to the mark and execute gameplay that took center stage.

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NastyLeftHook02140d ago

It better be, Conviction was the worst splinter cell yet.

NoobJobz2140d ago

I think Double Agent was.

BlmThug2140d ago

DA had way more stealth in it than conviction. Only bad thing was the decisions, thats it

beerkeg2140d ago

Double Agent was abysmal,a bug infested turd of a game. It crashed on a regular basis and give me a bsod on several occasions, as well as all the glitches and poor performance even with a rig well over the recommended spec.

So I tried it on 360 and it was just as bad, performance wise.

I never got more than a couple of missions into it, every other SC I've had I've completed.

Double Agent belongs in the hall of shame for gaming. It should never have been released.

i3eyond the Circle2140d ago

aww man...I liked DA...thought it was GREAT.

Trying to collect all the intel on the people you were working with...hiding from Emile while you cracked his safe etc etc...

It was a great game and nothing short of a Splinter Cell for achievement hunters.

omi25p2140d ago

double agent was a great game, just not as good as chaos theory. It had everything that made splinter cell good. Conviction was awful and nothing like the originals.

jetlian2140d ago

first SC was the worst. Aiming was horrible sam could miss a target 2 feet away! I've been playing the 3d version recently

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riddick332140d ago

I loved conviction, this is good news 2 me.

omi25p2140d ago

im gonna guess you didn't like the original Splinter cells then.

Lord_Sloth2140d ago

Your trailer failed to represent any amount of stealth. You called in a goddamn air strike ffs!

mistajeff2140d ago (Edited 2140d ago )

Right?? As a huge fan of the first 3, I was really disappointed by their demo, which seemed to convey the opposite of this title. The demo seemed to range from vaguely stealthy to straight-up shooter. At least you can move bodies in this one. I really hope that they make good on these promises, but I'm going to have to read some reviews that confirm proper stealth gameplay before I consider purchasing this one.

rocky0475862140d ago

You can't base trailers on what the actual game will be like. Case in point, look at Hitman Absolution and how action packed the trailers are. It made people think that the game would be just as action packed, and while it can be if you choose to play it that way, that's not what the actual game is about at all.

Same thing with Tomb Raider as well, people seem to think that there's no sense of exploration or characterization and they couldn't be further from the truth. Splinter Cell Blacklist will have more stealth than Conviction because that's what they said it will have, the trailer be damned my friend. Just sit back and wait for more information and previews to reveal the stealth then stop worrying about calling in air strikes especially if you're given the choice to do so or not.

Lord_Sloth2140d ago

And the fact that the demo displayed had no stealth either means? I have to worry. I loved Splinter Cell 1-3. I didn't care for 4 and hated Conviction which Blacklist looks like.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.

i3eyond the Circle2140d ago

The gameplay from E3 was more inclined of showing all the new features including kinect capability.

Besides what I know from a source....just take a look at the suit.

Conviction was a game built on Sam no longer bound by the government instead being somewhat of a vigilante uncovering a conspiracy.

No stealth needed to bust ass...especially when his daughter he thought was dead is involved.

Blacklist he's back with the sneaking suit and has no choice but to follow word from the white house. Either he's clear or not to fire shot will be part of this game.

rocky0475862140d ago

I'm replying to you Beyond The Circle, but this is for Lord Sloth. I agree with you by the way Beyond.

The demo displayed wasn't meant to have stealth in it that's why. It's just as simple as that. They don't want to show off the stealthy portions of the game yet and are focusing on the action parts of the game. There's nothing wrong with them doing that at all.

riddick332140d ago (Edited 2140d ago )

It's not wise to judge the game based only on one game play demo and a trailer. Ubisoft said that there gone show more stealth approach in the future. They just wanted to impress at E3 with all that action stuff.

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