Apple’s Next-Gen MacBook Pro Will Make Video Games Look Gorgeous—If You Can Afford It

Apple revealed its new next-gen MacBook Pro laptops at the WWDC keynote today, showing off Diablo III to demonstrate the machine's powerful new Retina Display.

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Harelgur2294d ago

My windows desktop makes games gorgeous for years and is cheaper than a shitbook

ATi_Elite2294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

$2,199........Kiss my Asterik!

That's more than my desktop and a 100 times less powerful.

jamesensor2294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

They must be running never before seen hardware, because last time I checked, they used intel and most common hardware in the market... what morons lol but apple cultists will truly pursue any illusion they throw at them.

mcstorm2294d ago

But if Apple say "It will Make Video Games Look Gorgeous" this must be true and it must be worth the money.

I do find it funny they way people still think mac hardware is 100 times better because it costs more yet if they knew what was inside they would see if mas a mid range laptop.

princejb1342294d ago

mac hardware is definitely not better but the software is more stable
coming from Windows for 11 years, just started using OS X 2 years ago

mcstorm2294d ago

@princejb134 Ide have to disagree. I work in IT and we support around 50 macs and thousands of PC's and in general the mac users have more problems than the Windows users.

We have more support calls for windows pc's but 9 times out of 10 it is a user who has not got a clue how to use a pc and it is not the pc that has a fault but lack of user knowledge where our mac users know how to use them but have more problems with the macs/software than our windows users.

princejb1342294d ago

to each its own mcstorm
I'm talking about in my experience at least
I've had several issues with my windows pc and so far none with the mac
hope it stays that way

rockbottom30762293d ago

@mcstorm are they running a virtual desktop (like vmfusion) because I notice this can create some problems. Otherwise I find Macs are more stable than PC.

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grailly2294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

bragging that your desktop is more powerful than a 0.71 inch laptop? nice! you must be a very manly person!

seriously though, the article is about the display and not the components. I don't think many people are playing diablo on a screen with 220 ppi laptop or desktop.

Letros2294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

Nor will anyone with this laptop, it doesn't have capable hardware to play Diablo at that resolution with similar settimgs, while I welcome higher ppi, you'll need significantly better hardware to take advantage if it, something apple always skimps on, misleading the consumer (aka sheep)

LNDCalling2294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

I can play games on my phone with a ppi of 342 but it doesn't make it any better than playing them on my Tablet or my Moniter or my HDTV....

But I have no doubt the the general public at large will suck it up as they do the iPhone and iPad (year on year)... a very sad state of affairs imo! Advertising vs Actual specs.

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PixL2294d ago

Diablo 3 doesn't even require a very modern PC.

bahabeast2294d ago

i dnt bash mac because your paying for the hardware also, aint much that outlast a mac.

MySwordIsHeavenly2294d ago

PC's outlast Macs all the time. This is 2012. A PC is just as secure as a Mac...and it's running the same hardware.

ABizzel12294d ago

Actually you're paying for the Software and OS, which I must say are much more intuitive, and overall better than PC, but not $1,000+ better.

KUV19772294d ago

Of course they showed Diablo. How many other games actually run on Mac OS?

grailly2294d ago

lol so much hate for apple in this article.

seriously mac has quite a few games now, there really isn't much to complain about.

I can play most "pc exclusives" on my mac, all valve and blizzard games are available and most indies are for windows, mac and linux.

LightofDarkness2294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

Cool, how about BF3? Max Payne 3? Batman: Arkham City? Crysis (1 or 2)? Mass Effect? Generally, how about anything that's not Valve or Blizzard, who release games every 2 years or so, and throwaway indie titles?

And don't say "I'll just use bootcamp for those", because now you're just using Windows, which really defeats the purpose of having a Mac and you could've gotten a Windows machine with more bells, whistles and power for a lot less.

It's not that there's anything terribly wrong with Macs (besides the obvious over-pricing and branding), they're great for video/photo editing and music, and have a fairly nice OS experience. But do NOT try to argue that Macs are good for games. They're just not. In reality, no notebook/laptop computer truly is. This may improve in time, but until they develop a DX type API like MS, don't hold your breath.

blink30202294d ago

I love Apple products. I'm typing this on an older macbook pro right now.

grailly2294d ago

lol, you were just looking for disagrees on that one

kneon2294d ago

I have at least 10 computers in the house and the flakiest by far is my 3 year old mac book pro. Glad I didnt pay for it. I have Toshiba and Sony laptops that are 7+ years old that still work perfectly.

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