Review: Alan Wake's American Nightmare (New Gamer Nation)

PC gamers were lucky enough to get an amazing port of the original Alan Wake at the beginning of the year. Simultaneously, Xbox 360 owners were treated to an XBLA title entitled Alan Wake's American Nightmare, which was not a sequel but a follow-up. Gamers were happy with the port of the original Alan Wake on PC, but when it appeared for pre-order on Steam, PC games became anxious to sink their teeth into the mysterious world of Alan Wake once again. New Gamer Nation rated the original game for PC a fantastic 8/10, praising it for being a beautiful game that included all the previously released DLC. However, it was too linear, and the replayability suffered. This held it back from being perfect, which begs the questions, How does this change the saga? Where would American Nightmare take the player, and what kind of bad luck would Alan have to deal with this time around? Read on to find out.

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