Amazon Pulls A Gamestop, Lists Wii U Games For $100

It seemed a little absurd that Gamestop listed their Wii U games for $100, but it looks like is following suit.

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jc485732258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

if that's true, I'm deeply ashamed of Nintendo.

Hmmm...but 3rd party games are all 60 dollars though.

dangert122258d ago

Come on what do we expect people? this is Nintendo we are talking about their SD games cost as much as a HD game on PS3/360 you don't expect their HD games to be the same amount do you? I mean new era expensive development ahaaha

Derekvinyard132258d ago

no way is it reaching $100. half of the games on the market arent even worth $40. there are very few games ive played where i feel like i got my $60 worth. any game where i can put maybe 100-200 hours into is worth the money. mostly RPG's like skyrim and fallout, or games where it has much replay value or tons of dedication into it like uncharted or anything from rockstar games. 6 hour storyline and tacked on multiplayer is something i cant take anymore. i beat the game in one day and everything is the same bs call of duty style online. its to risky to be innovative. one failure can sink a company. wasent like that back in the day

dangert122258d ago

I know what you're saying about a games value. I agree with that.

vallencer2258d ago

So what you're saying, if I understand you, is that the Wii was charging $60 for their games in SD? Oh wait no they didn't they were $50. Oh and the PS2 and Xbox charged $50 for their games why was it ok then?

Relientk772258d ago

Wait really? I thought GameStop was clearly wrong here :-/

Amazon listed some games for $50, $60

Wow if games at really $100, then I'll wait for the PS4

Pinkamena_Diane_Pie2258d ago

There's no way they could sell them for a 100$ xD
Not unless... Sony and Microsoft are selling them for like... 120$?! O_O

BringingTheThunder2258d ago

its just a weird price inflation, itll change

Relientk772258d ago

I think doubling the prices from $50 to $100 (from Wii to Wii U)

and $60 to $120 (PS3, 360 to PS4, Xbox 720)

is VERY harsh and unfair to gamers and people in general who want to purchase these consoles and games

iamnsuperman2258d ago

It would kill the industry. Rentals would rise, less people would buy the games meaning less money actually being made so less games would be made. No company in their right mind would do this. 100 is way to much

xtremexx2258d ago

whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat, not gonna happen.

BringingTheThunder2258d ago

still very weird though that two retailers price them at $100

MorbidPorpoise2258d ago

Doubt it'll be that much.

In the UK, Shopto has them listed for £39.99 which is no different from the current RRP for new releases, and GAME has them listed for £49.99.

BringingTheThunder2258d ago

thats really expensive for games, sucks you guys have to pay so much.

stuntman_mike2258d ago

shopto even have assassins creed 3 on the WiiU at £32.

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