Soul Sacrifice On PS Vita Listed By Gamestop With A March 2013 Release Date

Soul Sacrifice was announced for North America at the beginning of the month and you can now pre-order the game on

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LiViNgLeGaCY2140d ago

Agreed. I know it will be for me anyway. Looks amazing. The co-op is going to be an absolute blast.

Sanquine902141d ago

Throwing all my money to the screen* nothing happens* Europe?

MasterCornholio2141d ago

I'm pretty sure it will come to Europe at around the same time. But march is still a long time away. I just saw the trailer on my Vita and the game looks amazing. In my opinion it looks much better than Revelations plus the environments appear to be massive.


BringingTheThunder2140d ago

it looks much better than revelations.

jek72140d ago

thats a long wait! im excited to play this game just as much as assassins creed!

BringingTheThunder2140d ago

i want soul sacrifice more, it looks sooo good.