How Co-op Everything Ruins Gaming

"Lately ‘Multiplayer’ features of a game have risen from just a feature to a core experience of gaming. Games are now judged based on the quality of their co-op and multiplayer accessibility, along with the usual graphics, plot, and whatnot. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, but unfortunately it can be—because of the frequency of co-op and multiplayer, single player games are also being subjected to that kind of review, even though multiplayer experiences would be highly unbalanced or even detrimental to gameplay."

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MiamiACR212351d ago

Couch Co-op with a buddy in both Army of Two games was one hell of a hilariously good time; no sense in using that game as an example of how co-op doesn't belong.

"I picked up a B.A. in English with a specialty in Poetry. I also draw manga-inspired webcomics and play far too much Minecraft in my free time."

That about sums out how shitty this article is.

KillerBBs2351d ago

this article is not print worthy

Moby-Royale2351d ago

You can say that again.


beerkeg2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

Co-op games, especially offline co-op, were in short supply up until recent years, so I'm personally happy to see more games have co-op. Especially where you can go through the whole campaign.

Having said that, I don't think every game needs or should have co-op.

Dead Space for instance is a game I don't feel needs any type of multiplayer at all. The effort being put into that side of it could be better placed into the the single player campaign. Which made the showing at E3 quite disappointing in many ways, it's one of my favourite ips of this generation and they seem to be taking the series into a completely different route than I would like.

It just seems to be tacked on for the mp junkies.

So I do agree with the article quite a bit in that respect.

GuyThatPlaysGames2351d ago

Only certain types of games should have co-op. It seems to some gamers that every game needs it. I agree with @beerkeg that Dead Space's Multiplayer shouldn't even be in the game.

WeskerChildReborned2351d ago

Yea but it's just there, it's not like we are forced to play CO-OP though i enjoy it sometimes.

GuyThatPlaysGames2351d ago

That is true. But I think that if they didn't have to focus on the co-op at all,the single player aspect of the game would be much more polished and better.

user54670072351d ago

When it's tacked onto single player games thats when they ruin it, especialy survival horror games. It dosen't matter how good the developer is they still cut development time on the single player content to make sure the game is structured in a way where only people playing co-op will get the most out of the game. Although this goes in differen't ways

For example Valve made Portal 2, an amazing game but because they added co-op they said they had to cut the single players story. Now I would of rather had more GLaDOS, Chell and Wheatly then Atlas and P-Body...besides the co-op could of been added as DLC later.

A differen't example is adding co-op in the Elder Scrolls franchise. Most people don't think about the longterm effects is this were to happen. Bethesda can't even do a bug free single player game imagine what it will be like with co-op, then they'll focus more on the co-op bugs and ignore the single player development. In the end it would just ruin the single player experience Elder Scrolls gives us. I say let it be the way it is and go find another RPG that fills your co-op needs. Is it worth ruining the game, something Bethesda has even said would happen, just so you can show off to your friends and play with them for a few weeks before you go onto a new co-op game.

However if it's a game like Borderlands or L4D which has been built up AROUND co-op then thats fine.

It's better to make new IPs with co-op rather then tack them onto to exsisting franchises which will spilt the fanbase and ruin the game.

Iceman X2351d ago

The bottom line, if you don't want or like Co-op then don't use it, let the people that like it use it. How does it affect your game??? It doesn't. It's there but you don't have to use it if you don't like it.

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