PlayStation Suite Becomes PlayStation Mobile, Helps Transition PlayStation for Life After Consoles

Sony has renamed PlayStation Suite, their Android initiative to expand PlayStation games to smartphones and tablets to PlayStation Mobile. SonyRumors discuss how this move will help transition the PlayStation brand beyond gaming consoles and prepares Sony for life beyond PlayStation.

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illegalprelude2225d ago

Very interesting to think of PlayStation without the traditional consoles.

Skateboard2225d ago

I really want the PS3 to last a real long time. I'm hoping for PS4 to have 2015 release there is soo much potential in the bluray, I want a RPG to use all the space and be epic like PS1 Final Fantasy games.

Amazingmrbrock2225d ago

Your totally right of course, but you'll get lots of people disagreeing with you because their desperate for another console.

I can see a few reasons why but their all kind of nullified by the graphics in exclusive games. Pc envy can only go so far as a valid reason.

The other reasons are strictly just a want reaction. Which has nothing driving it but a base instinct to purchase something.

ChickeyCantor2225d ago (Edited 2225d ago )

"but you'll get lots of people disagreeing with you because their desperate for another console.

No it's because of this:
"there is soo much potential in the bluray"

There is much more potential regarding a storage medium? Yeah cause the Ram limits, dated CPU and GPU sure can be used another 100 years!
I think developers want to go forward at some point as well.

joeorc2225d ago (Edited 2225d ago )

anything could happen so it would not shock me if it did!

do i really think its going to happen?

the simple Answer is NO on shifting only to Mobile devices from dedicated game consoles.

but Yes in putting more investment into the Mobile space for playstation Platform network structure to sell more playstation software going forward.

Sony recently purchased 100% of sony ericsson. MANY PEOPLE ON GAME FORUMS STILL THINK THAT WAS A WRONG CHOICE SINCE THEY STILL SEEM TO FOCUS only on Well Sony's not doing very Good against Nintendo! People still seem to think Its just Nintendo vs Sony in the Handheld game systems for market share. that is no longer the case. Sony knows this, they saw what the Smartphone did to dedicated PDA's. even before the PSP Sony was making PDA's which were handhelds and played many games. and Yet the Smartphone Absorbed the Dedicated PDA market. The same is happening to the dedicated game handheld market. will dedicated game handheld game machines like dedicated PDA's still be in the market? sure, will they be the leader? the simple answer is


that does not mean that they would not get support in a new smartphone and tablet Centric market. It just means that Right now the move toward increased investment into the mobile market is there to build software and services platform structure to sell more software. PSN expansion into that part of network structure to add smartphones and Tablets to already supported game consoles is just more investment to make sure that part of the market is added.

Sony as an example: has 22 playstation Mobile supported devices now including the playstation mobile support for the PSVita to be soon released.

Sony Ericsson Sold 22 Million Android Devices, Go all Smartphone-Only In 2012


LAZL0-Panaflex2225d ago

Tablets and phones will be the console. An hdmi cable is all u need. And u can sync a ps3 or an xbox 360 control , or a mouse and akeyboard.... Then u got a new slimmer more portable console with a SCREEN, that could be taken anywhere and moved from room to room with a move of 1 wire. Look at the wiiu controller, the vita and the xbox glass...all moving in that direction.

Apple community




Will be the big four

Although they will have emulators so you can play mario on the android and so on

Google asus gaming tablet.