PixelPerfectGaming: Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown - Review

PixelPerfectGaming writes: During a time when 2D fighters ruled the arcade, Sega and AM2′s Yu Suzuki were working on a project that would revolutionize gaming as we knew it. In conjunction with aerospace technology firm Lockheed Martin, Sega released Virtua Fighter to arcades in 1993.

The first of its kind, Virtua Fighter brought the fighting genre to the 3rd dimension with (at the time) mesmerizing high-quality 3D graphics. Virtua Fighter paved the way for 3D fighters, inspiring franchises like Toshinden, Tekken, and Soul Calibur. The world of gaming would never be the same again.

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Cryptcuzz2225d ago

Great review, I am enjoying this game immensely and have gotten quite addicted.

2225d ago
Lord_Sloth2225d ago

I have to wonder why they decided to pull all of the custom options out and make them DLC. I was most displeased with that.

TheRichterBelmont2225d ago

Virtua Fighter is so unlike everything out there. A much harder learning curve than just about anything out there. I'm enjoying it off of PS Plus though.