Final Fantasy III Job Changes From DS To PSP

Spencer of Siliconera:

"No, Refia your next stop is actually the PSP. Square Enix is preparing a port of Final Fantasy III, the 2006 DS version, for PSP. Final Fantasy III was also re-released for iOS devices last year."

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Bleucrunch2380d ago

How about remaking the game for the Vita and 3DS using the power that both handhelds have to offer...No Squeenix??? Am I making too much sense??? Oh you'd rather re-hash and report and re-DO THE SAME thing over and over again?? Oh ok cool thanks!

Is it me or does this company nowadays just do everything ass backwards....who is the visionary over there??

hkgamer2380d ago

Yeah, or atleast do a lazy port with 3 & 4 combined.

Why release a port of ffIII for the PSP now? didn't the iPhone and iPad get a release years ago?

CLOUD19832379d ago

Maybe because PSP is still huge in Japan with over 19 million units sold & Vita looks like a big flop with just 700k sales? I am just saying..

hkgamer2379d ago


I am not saying do not release it for the PSP. Because I know the PSP is still big in Japan. I am just wondering why bother release it now? It's been ported to the iPad already why couldn't they just port it to the PSP at the same time?

Actually they should also make an updated 2D sprite based FF3 so that you can switch from 2D to 3D whenever you like.

Ulf2379d ago

I'm pretty upset with this late port... I went and bought a used ff3 for my 3ds not long ago.

I would have MUCH preferred a PSP version at new prices on my Vita or PSP.