Is It Feasible That Call Of Duty Could End Up Like Guitar Hero?

Guitar Hero was once worth billions and it essentially self-destructed in only a couple years. Could Call of Duty face the same unfortunate fate?

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NYC_Gamer2375d ago

I believe MMOFPS will take over the online shooter genre...Call of Duty might be the first mainstream title to explore that market on consoles...

NukaCola2375d ago

Ask yourself this: What happened to Crash Bandicoot when Activisoin got a hold of them? What about Spyro? What about Tony Hawk?

What do you think?

They consume and milk until it dies and then move on to something else. Activision is like a swarm of locusts filled with cancer and disease.

attilayavuzer2375d ago

Is it feasible that COD is already ending up like GH?