RipTen Dojo: Why “Dream Crossovers” Just Don’t Work


Everyone has what they consider a dream match between two athletes or teams. Particularly in martial arts, people will forever argue which combatant would win in a fight, such as Bruce Li vs Jackie Chan, or Muhammad Ali vs Mike Tyson. The idea and debate behind having two people fight from completely different eras or disciplines that would make it impossible for them to do so has long been the subject of fans, and fighting games are no different. There are always going to be fans of the genre that want to see one franchise fight another one, if only in an effort to “prove” that their preferred franchise is better. While recent days have seen games like Street Fighter X Tekken, ideas like blending of the worlds of Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat or Namco vs Capcom are always going to be discussed by fans, among other “dream crossovers.”

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