Premium Accounts: A Slippery Slope

PixlBit | When Activision first announced Call of Duty: Elite (their premium service for the Call of Duty franchise) there was an avalanche of criticism. Many felt that the service was taking advantage of the series’ loyal fans, some even going far enough to boycott the iconic shooter altogether. Since then, much of the hatred and anger that originally spawned form the Call of Duty: Elite announcement has subsided. Seeing the service in action, a large portion of fans have rescinded their original protests, with many now calming that the service is actually a great value.

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FunkMacNasty2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

The only people bitching about this are the people who don't plan on buying it. I play BF3 almost everyday, and I plan on buying all the expansion packs, so for's worth the $50.. I've now payed for all the DLC, so all I have to do is download it, plus I get it two weeks early and I save $25 bucks for buying it all at once. Plus I get cool swag like weapon and soldier camo's..

To people who don't play BF3 all that often, or only play it when that certain friend is online, maybe BF Premium isn't a good deal to them.

The monetary value in any type of DLC can truly only be determined by it's material value to the individual.

ddurand12376d ago

no, people are also complaining because we are being forced to purchase we already own.

I already own B2K.

Gunandbomb2377d ago

The new knife isn't more powerful it just looks different we don't have a advantage at all