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"One of the problems that the PlayStation Vita has up until now is the lack of games that will push hardware sales. When Gravity Rush was released in Japan, the game was well received by PS Vita owners but it somehow failed to move a decent amount of sales for the hardware. In an attempt to do the same thing, SCEA brings Gravity Rush in North America, where the game became the most anticipated game for the handheld." - JPS

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teedogg802377d ago

Me too. I was on the fence about it at first cause it's not really my type of game. Played the demo and immediately went and pre-ordered it.

morganfell2377d ago

Tomorrow will be one big refreshing of the PS Store until I can download this. The demo goes quick and I must have been through it over 20 times.

Nimblest-Assassin2377d ago

so stoked for this game... downloading it straight to my memory card at midnight...

Anyone think I will get the pre order bonuses? Because, I bought Ghost of sparta digitally and I got the pre order bonuses

DialgaMarine2377d ago

I was one of the skeptics of this game, but as soon as I played the US demo, I realised how awesome this game would be. Can't wait for Tuesday. Been holding myself up with Burning Skies and Starhawk for the last month. XD

LiViNgLeGaCY2377d ago

Yeah definitely. This game is going to friggin' rock! I've been hyped about this game since it was announced.

BXbomber2377d ago

gtting my copy 2mrrw VAVY!!!

tarbis2377d ago

can't wait to get my copy today.. then.... screw work. I'll play instead of work during office hours much like how I played Uncharted:GA instead of work... hur hur hur... XD

Ultr2377d ago

yeeeeeeees!!! :) :) :)

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