Maxis Explains Why SimCity Has Always-On Requirement


It kind of kills me to be so excited about SimCity. On one hand, it is looking adorable. On the other, its always-online requirement is probably sentient and going to try and strangle us as we slumber. While I was at E3 this week, I dropped by EA's booth to check out SimCity and ask its devs just why they opted for the always-on thing, anyway. Are we going to have to learn to sleep with an eye open?

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dktxx22260d ago

Piracy. The only reason for making a single player game online only.

Yi-Long2260d ago

... cause an 'always on' requirement means I would rather download an illegal cracked copy instead.

TurboGamer2260d ago

Always-On means that ligit buyers will struggle with server issues, iffy internet connections, etc. While pirates will enjoy a interrupt-free game.

egidem2260d ago

It's ironic how the actual measures meant to teach pirates a lesson end up hurting the legit customers instead. :/

Trenta272260d ago

I'm okay with this as the game looks wonderful.
I wasn't okay with it in Diablo because that game is crap.

LightofDarkness2260d ago

Because Diablo did it and everybody bought that and EA wanna play too?

Saryk2260d ago

Didn't buy Diablo 3 and not buying this! F'em!

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The story is too old to be commented.