THQ jumps the gun, free-to-play games are the future

In the wake of ditching the UFC license (that Electronic Arts swiftly picked up), THQ revealed to Gamasutra that the free-to-play games market is a priority for the publisher of Homefront and Darksiders.


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dangert122321d ago

So Dane white complained for what reason really? lol
free to play is not my future lol

kevnb2320d ago

i think alot of publishers need to step back and evaluate what they are doing. Stop using market research that does nothing but yield the same exact games every time.

GraveLord2320d ago

Devs should be doing the opposite of what THQ is doing.
So free to play is the future you say? Ok, we'll stick to $60 boxed products.

DeadlyFire2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

Article needs a new link. That current one is broken.

As for Free to play games. I see it as an upcoming trend for games that are expected to sell less than a certain number of units. Games you wouldn't want the retail boxed version of basically.

On the plus side it could mean more PC titles for some console series like WWE for instance. WWE online for PC as free to play title? Only downside would be buying all the crap for games with a setup like that. It certainly would add player count as anything free to play people will at least try once.

alexkayl2320d ago

You're right about the link, I made a mistake while adding it. Here's the correct one: