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hennessey862374d ago

like there wheel in terms of quality and price, I would stay well away

guitarse2374d ago

I reviewed the MadCatz wireless racing wheel for 360, it's an absolute belter, if a little pricey @ £160.00

Boody-Bandit2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

belter? If that means POS than I agree.
The Madcatz wheel isn't a little pricey, it's WAY over priced.

The Madcatz Wheel isn't even in the same stratosphere when compared to Logitech, Thrustmaster and Fanatec offers at a similar price point.

The Fanatec GT2 and CSR series destroy the Madcatz wheel in every way and they are compatible not only with the 360 but the PS3 and PC as well.

hennessey86 is spot on.

The review I included about the Madcatz wheel pretty much says it all and IMO, and I believe that of most fans of racing peripherals will agree with me, Shaun and Darrin were over generous with their score but were very honest about it's build quality and comparisons to other wheel vendors at a similar price point.


MadCatz is only good for inexpensive and simple accessories. Not even their controller and arcade sticks are good.

Now, I don't know a lot about 360 racing wheels, I know Fanatec do sweet ones, but they are pricey.

For PS3 and PC the Thrustmaster Ferrari GT Experience is just as cheap, maybe cheaper and way better than Mad Catz. Great if you don't want dedicated manual gear-box and clutch pedal.

I believe their Ferrari 458 Italia is 360 compatible and in the same price and features range.

svoulis2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

IT wont be anything like their wheel. In case you guys don't know MadCatz owns Tritton who make really good headset (not the best but good). It is no suprise as Tritton was responsible for the Gears of War headset as well.

The headset will probably be the same one they use for Gears of War and Ghost Recon Future Soldier. It will just have different lights and Graphics (and maybe some audio presets)

I love my Tritton AX720's.

It'll be that headset with Master Chief plastered all over it. The issue is they are over priced because Halo is labeled on it.

guitarse2374d ago

This was my review of the MadCatz

I've got a thrustmaster on its way, not had a look at the Fanatec ones though, might give them an email and see if I can get a go on one for comparison.