Developer: "Lack of trophies is probably the single biggest turn-off for gamers" | TheSixthAxis

TSA: "The truth about your trophies."

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Snookies122325d ago

Yeah, now that we have them... It took me a while to warm up to Trophies/Achievements, at first I didn't care in the least about them.

metsgaming2325d ago

yea i remember when they were added to GTA and they were the first game i had with them i already started it and it gave me a message about it. I really didnt care but i wasn't that far along so i was like what the heck and started over. If MGS4 had a trophy patch i would play it again but it doesn't and i never got around to playing it again, if the trophies were there then i probably would.

t0mmyb0y2324d ago

Exactly what I thought about it. It's a bit long for me to play again but with added trophies it would be a no-brainer.

Prince_Dim-Lu2324d ago

Yep... all Playstation fanboys didn't want Achievements and thought they were stupid, kind of like how they say they don't need party chat... yet in the end.. now they love trophies. Just like they'll love party chat.

Septic2325d ago

Whilst I don't particularly care for them, clearly a lot of people do. Kudos to Microsoft for coming up with the idea.

Hicken2325d ago

Cuz there were no trophies in Star Ocean or any other games, right?

kneon2325d ago

And wasn't there a PS2 Ratchet & Clank game that had achievements?

What Microsoft did was to make Achievements mandatory and build support into the system.

thewolf52325d ago

I don't see why you guys are disagreeing with Septic. I hate Microsoft, but they were the first to have cumulative achievements from every game on the platform. So, while many games had "achievements," it wasn't in the same sense Septic probably means.

And it's probably been 6 months since I've synched my trophies and I've played my ps3 every other day at least. So no, they aren't too appealing, unless they're handled in a really nice way.

MRMagoo1232324d ago

Thats one of the reasons i dont like microsoft i hate achievements and trophies they mean nothing and have taken the fun out of games, its one of the main reasons they got rid of all the cheats for games that gave them replay value.

Prototype2324d ago

Achievements/Trophies do nothing but make a bad game playable.

snipes1012324d ago

Microsoft obviously didn't come up with the idea of in game achievements...that's been going on for awhile. What they DID do (and what Septic is probably suggesting) first was implement it across an entire platform and allow you to compare your achievements with those of your friends.

As for the MRMagoo, I really don't even understand how you can pin this on Microsoft. Sure, they popularized it, but it was Sony's choice to make their own version of it. It's hardly MS's fault that Sony wanted to implement a trophy system. Nintendo didn't do it. Sony didn't have to either.

Septic2324d ago

I think it's obvious what I was suggesting, snipes and the wolf understood but obviously you fan boys would disagree. I was talking about how achievements were incorporated into the whole system.

Now had I made a post like, "Trophies are a genius idea! Sony are geniuses! I love my PS3!" you can almost guarantee that there would be more likes than dislikes on here. So many fanboy kids on here lol....

ShinMaster2324d ago (Edited 2324d ago )

BUT you didn't say anything about its implementation across the platform.
You simply said "Kudos to Microsoft for coming up with the idea", which suggests that the concept of Trophies/Achievements have not existed in multiple games before Microsoft implemented it.
A false, vague, misleading and flame-bait statement, typical of fanboys like yourself.

admiralthrawn872324d ago (Edited 2324d ago )

be a douche fanboy all you guys want but yes microsoft came up with the idea for system wide achievements. It wasn't a sony invention as much as you want it to be.

and you know what he was talking about. If it wasn't obvious to you that he was talking about system wide achievements then something is wrong

Tainted Gene2324d ago

It was clear, to me atleast, that it was obvious what Septic meant.

Even if it was unclear it would only a few seconds to figure it out. Like so:

-Microsoft came up with the achievements idea?
-No, many games had "achievements" in them before.
-But why did Septic say Microsoft came up with them then.
-Well when Xbox 360 launched what was one of its advertised features?
-Wasn't it one of them being the use of achievements universally for the console and all its games?
-yeah, thats what it was. thought many ppl claimed/ripped-on microsoft for coming up with such a mundane idea and that "other" console did not need such trivialites.

Few years later:
-Trohies are great, I mean I didn't like them before but they have grown on me, good job Sony.
-SEPTIC: Microsoft thank you for coming up with the idea for achievements.
-what thats crazy, there were "achievements" way before Microsoft.
-yeah Septic its clear Microsoft was no where responsible for the incorporation of trophies in the PS3 system and its games.

Pretty much sums it up. Atleast that was my train of thought in the few seconds after reading Septic and the following comments.

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Thatguy-3102325d ago

i truly don't care for them at all. I just go through the game without even paying attention to it.

GraveLord2325d ago

I still don't.

There are some trophies that are IMPOSSIBLE to get unless you have no life. Mortal Kombat, I'm looking at you.

SilentNegotiator2324d ago

I agree. Some trophies, a lot of trophies, are impossible unless you completely devote yourself to the game. I don't have the time or will to go through that much just for a sound effect and a tiny picture. A lot of games need more realistic trophies, and some need more interesting ones.

Don't get me wrong, it's not like there hasn't been times when I went after trophies/achievements for fun and to extend the game, I just won't bother with the kind that take things way too far.

extermin8or2324d ago

I like them in terms of when i have say a long holiday they help kill time after a while but I may slightly sometimes have OCD abit and they tend to play on that; infact I think that's why they are successful people like to show off anc collect things and that's what they are for :p I have a friend who refuses to play certain games because he knows he'll want to try and collect every trophy and it'll ruin the game for him so he just doesn't play them lol but on the whole they aren't too bad but things like Resistanc 2's infamous 10k kills are insane... :p

Blastoise2324d ago

Resistance 2, get 10,000 kills online.
Anything from Disgaea 4...

LiViNgLeGaCY2324d ago

Or how about that General trophy in Warhawk? Talk about devotion...

QuodEratDemonstrandm2324d ago

10k kills in Resistance 2?
The Trail of Corpses trophy in Prototype: 53,596 kills.

hkgamer2324d ago

I actually prefer some trophies to be almost impossible achieve. It kinda shows how devoted a gamer is to getting a platinum on a game.
Others give away platinum trophies too easily and just makes the whole scoring system a little flawed in my opinion.

haven't played many JRPG's on PS3, but those platinum trophies should be if you lvl 99 every character and pretty much 100% complete the whole game.. then I would be impressed.

If people don't want to spend that much time on a single game then just play another and forget about getting platinum trophy.

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aGameDeveloper2324d ago

I appreciate trophies that help me learn about different ways to play a game. For example, planting a grenade when picking someone's pocket in Fallout 3.

LiViNgLeGaCY2324d ago

Yeah! I had no idea you could do that until I read that trophy funny enough! xD

attilayavuzer2324d ago

I was a huge achievement whore for a while, but after getting to a certain point the fucks I give have all but vanished. Like hitting 10/25,000 became a burning obsession, but now that I'm at 45,000 the only benchmarks I have are 50/100k. I can't even get excited for that because either is kind of tragic and now that I'm 20 bragging about my gamerscore has lost any sense of awesomeness.

But there's still a little voice in my head that tells me to search for all the worthless collectibles...

avengers19782324d ago

They do add a certain level of replay to games, I cant really see playing games without them now, but at first I was like who the hell cares, now I enjoy getting them.

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Hellsvacancy2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

I remember skipping a Snooker game because it didnt have trophies, i thought at the time *thats a lame reason to not buy a game*

If theres a game i liked that much ill work towards the platinum, Fallout 3 and Demon's Souls for example, because of thropies my gameplay experience was extended, there was places i hadnt been to and probably wouldnt of if it wasnt for trophies

Some people do take things too far though, who would want to admit they got the platinum for Resident Evil 5? (forgive the spelling im pretty high)

Lovable2325d ago

I do have the Plat for RE5, but that's before they added those DLCs. If you look at my RE5 trophies, it says it's platinum, but it's only on 75% I believe.

Anyways, Trophies sure did extend the life of a game. It helps me focus on my objective and it really feels like I am accomplishing something.

metsgaming2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

I hate when they add DLC trophies i ruins the 100%, wish they would have the separated. Game % Online % and DLC %. BTW i wouldnt say not having then is "the SINGLE biggest turn off"

GameSpawn2324d ago

Actually you can separate out the DLC trophies when viewing them on the PS3 and see individual percentages for each DLC and the main game.

When in the trophy list either press square to group or press triangle for the menu and select "group by".

Triangle hides a lot of features on the PS3 as far as sorting and viewing; it's not just for movies, pictures, and music, but also the trophy list and your PSN games that are installed (you can add categories to each game to sort them into folders).

grailly2325d ago

sadly, it's true for me, and I don't even actively hunt trophies. I just like having the feeling that what ever I'm playing it makes my trophy level advance.

forevercloud30002325d ago

I Second This^^^

I am a trophy whore of sorts and I don't think there is anything wrong with that. Its like making each game you buy apart of an even bigger game to net the most trophies. It totally feeds into my OCD PackRat issues :)

I have turned away quite a few games for the lack of trophy support and I am astonished there are still so many games without it. If Konami only knew that if they gave MGS4 a patch or rerelease with trophy support that that game might sell another cool million. Shit I would buy it over in a heart beach just to have trophies for that game. Same for Valkyria Chronicles, Folklore,etc.

mastemikegee2324d ago

Yeah. Trophies are proof of our in-game accomplishments. Games without trophies means accomplishments not recognized.

Oblivion on PS3 doesn't have trophies either! Now that's a long game and I don't even get any kind of recognition for it. Even one trophy for beating it would be enough to satisfy me, but zero trophies sucks.

Sure, back in the day games were fun and you were happy to play and beat a game and go tell your friends how cool it was and that you beat it and all.

But nowadays trophies made us bother going for those hard challenges in a game and increase the longevity of it. Sure, you don't have to get them, but if it were a game you loved you'd like to get the most out of it and trophies is the answer.

Of course, it would be much cooler if trophies were used for something other than bragging rights.

Draperc2325d ago

I can't stand trophy/achievement whores. They'll pass over great games like Valkyria Chronicles and not even give them a chance because they don't have trophies/achievements.

forevercloud30002325d ago

I love VC a LOT but I kinda think it's Sega's fault. VC came out right AFTER the official date of Trophy Support and If they had just added in a key feature that was suppose to be mandatory than it could have sold even MORE.

I bought the game, cherrished it, but always resented the fact it lacked them and so I eventually sold it. Like I said in my above comment, I would rebuy it today if it had trophies.

Hicken2325d ago

I could not care less about whether VC has trophies, or why Sega didn't add them.

For me, that is the best RPG this gen. I love the story, the characters, the music, the gameplay... hell, it's easier to list what I DON'T like about it: the sequels were on PSP.

Trophies never entered into the equation as part of my enjoyment for Valkyria chronicles, and it never will. Now, there are some games that WILL get me looking; BlazBlue tends to pull me into trying to get trophies, for example. But by and large, they're just a bonus to an already great game.

A bonus I could easily do without, but a bonus nonetheless.

matgrowcott2324d ago


I think the problem was less that there wasn't trophies and more that SEGA never gave a firm word on whether a trophy patch was on its way. Konami did the same thing with Metal Gear Solid 4.

It got to the point where it was less "do I want to play this game without trophies?" and more "do I want to play this game again if trophies are implemented?"

dc12324d ago (Edited 2324d ago )

You're spot on!
Its the hard reality across the board now. Every now and then I find my self looking through the Plats and subset trophies; its amazing how you remember all the tough grinders like you obtained them yesterday.

I love trophies.

+ Bub

dc12324d ago


The points made by Forevercloud3000 regarding VC and trophy implementation are mutually exclusive.

To be specific:
VC is one of the best turn base action RPG's of all time. Trophy implementation does not change this.

However, Sega would have added tremendous value to their product by folding in trophy support.

Hope this clears things up.

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hellzsupernova2324d ago

I honestly never completed it I really like those turn based games but i just couldnt pass this one level, then other games came along and i forgot all about it! didnt get far enough to really get into the story or characters

LiViNgLeGaCY2324d ago


Now now, that's not true in my case.

I'm somewhat of a trophy whore, BUT, I will NOT pass up great games, or games that I'm really looking forward to just because there is no trophy support.

And for the record, I absolutely ADORE VC! That is seriously one of the best SRPG'S I've played this gen.