God of War: Ascension multiplayer combat will be deep, but not “very broken” like Marvel vs. Capcom

God of War: Ascension combat designer Jason McDonald knows the franchise has been criticised previously for being too accessible and straight forward, but this won’t be a problem in the new multiplayer as Sony Santa Monica look to learn from fighting games, while also avoiding “very broken” ones like Marvel vs. Capcom.

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acemonkey2292d ago

i hope the combat system is deep but easy to pick up.. but i want the MP not to lag fest

multips3fan2292d ago

thats harsh mvc online broken

svoulis2292d ago

It was broken, horrible character balance a lot of exploits and glitches, really laggy games you couldn't get out of. It was bad UMVC was a lot better.

KwietStorm2292d ago

That's the first time I've seen an actual developer speak about the accessibility of God of War. As much as I love the franchise, I've always said the combat was a little one sided and overpowering. I hope this new mentality translates over to the single player also.

telekineticmantis2292d ago

for this game, some Achilles, and other legendary characters.