Resistance: Burning Skies Review [Capsule Computers]

Joshua Spudic of Capsule Computers writes:

"Resistance isn’t new to the portable scene after the release of Resistance: Retribution over on the Playstation Portable. However, as that was a third person shooter, Resistance: Burning Skies is a first person shooter with dual stick controls. It is a first for the portable scene. Behind the game is Nihilistic Software, developers of Playstation Move Heroes, so that may worry some. However, Nihilistic does a great job in delivering a console FPS experience onto the Playstation Vita, with excellent controls, great multiplayer and effective use of the touchscreen. However, Nihilistic seems to forget to develop a story of Resistance standards. Poor level design, some interesting choices in gameplay and overlooking an excellent soundtrack also mar the game."

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masterabbott2379d ago

I might try this one out.