Why The Last of Us could be the greatest horror game ever made

Jack Bromley looks at new E3 footage of The Last Of Us, the upcoming survival horror title from the developers of Uncharted. Can offering a more realistic experience make for a scarier game?

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alessandro102377d ago

i have heard the developers referring to the game has survivor action game... not horror

Patriots_Pride2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

From what I have seen so far I have to agree with that.

Have not seen anything scary of horrfic as yet but have seen alot of action and survival.

Edit: I dont concider zombie games like dead island, left for dead and current RE games horror as well as those games were not scary, even Fear had more scary moments than those games.

alessandro102377d ago

"Survival games should induce fear, panic and desperation, not only in the character, but in the player too. We ought to feel immersed in the situation, and connect with the novice, average-guy character we’re playing. One who needs to be the unlikely hero in order to survive. While many attempts have been made, there’s never been anything truly like how The Last of Us looks to portray realism.

The Last of Us is a game to watch. Not only is it coming from veteran developers, Naughty Dog, but it has the potential to give a new sense of visceral reality in videogames, and possibly usher in a new breed of survival horror."

Agree with everything.

Adexus2377d ago

Okay it was scary when I was young but now? It's more like a comedy...

Seraphemz2377d ago

"because you, the master of unlocking can use this lockpick..." LOL..

Prince_Dim-Lu2376d ago

So just because you got older, that doesn't mean it was scary for it's time?

Derekvinyard132377d ago

lets hope games in the future are so good we will be laughing at the last of us one day.

Nimblest-Assassin2376d ago

Im hoping the last of us ends up being a classic like Ocarina or MGS... a game that still stands up today, and we reminisce and go wow... this still holds up

Walker2377d ago

This game Redefines the Survival/Horror Genre !

supraking9512377d ago

I can tell Naughty Dog is hiding alot of info about the game and thats fine with me, the less I know the better. E3 demo showed just the crazy messed up human enemies, cant wait to play this survival horror game. I can only imagine what the atmosphere turns into at night. All screenshots and videos have been during the day :D

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The story is too old to be commented.