Why Is Nobody Excited For Spec Ops: The Line?

Spec Ops: The Line will be out in a few weeks, and is looking rather good, with a mostly positive demo reception, promising realistic gameplay, a gritty story, and an all around enjoyable experience. Yet there's few articles previewing the game, nobody really seems to be talking about it, and it seems to be completely under the radar. Summer is known to be the slump period for gaming, but is nobody at all truly excited for this game?

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CustardTrout2259d ago

Because there are far better games due out.
It's decent, but it's very "Meh".

NYC_Gamer2259d ago

It's just another typical cover shooter that's been done already

pr0digyZA2259d ago

Based off the demo I could see why you say that, but people who have played more said it was better further in as choices start affecting outcomes and there are some crazy things in the game.

GamerSciz2259d ago

Because they took a risk in releasing the demo fairly early and in doing so it got a lot of negative feedback. I commend them on taking the risk considering how many developers nowadays are so afraid to release demos and instead we just rely on Gamefly.

But yea, bad demo give a bad first impression and kills any hype for the game.

KMCROC542259d ago

Am so excited for this game that i paid off my preorder the very next day Gamestop was taking preorders for it.

KMCROC542259d ago

Got a disagree for stating my feeling for this game. Wow talk about Butt hurt.

PockyKing2259d ago

It's N4G, what did you expect lol

Fatty2259d ago

For me it's the fact that the Spec Ops name is on it, and that series (even if it's not the same as it once was) was horrible.

I'll give the demo a shot, but it sounds like that's not very good either. Maybe the full game will end up great... but I'll be waiting for a few price drops.

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The story is too old to be commented.