DigitalNoob's Big Chief Battles - Street Fighter x Tekken Episode 2

Welcome to Big Chief Battles, a documentary tale of two friends – Sunflower and Locke, who have decided that in their quest to be Big Chief of the fighting game scene, they need to look to people besides each other to help improve their skills. Thanks to Street Fighter x Tekken, two friends can play online on the same team against opponents around the world. This is the chronicle of the highs and lows that are experienced. The blood. The sweat. The tears. The taste of victory, or the taste of ashes – experience it all with Sunny and Locke on Big Chief Battles!

Episode 2 has Sunny and Locke assessing their performance from the first episode, and start to make some major changes due to the feedback given by the community. They work hard in training mode – but will it pay off?

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