E3: The Last of Us | Gamereactor UK preview

GR-UK writes: "The way Joel and Ellie were crouching for cover to cover during the second stealthy playthrough of the level while the narrative flowed was something of a revelation, and should put an end to fears that this is "just Uncharted with a different coat of paint". Naughty Dog could be onto something truly special here, and if they allow the narrative to delve deeper than Joel telling Ellie about the old world, this could be one of those rare games that actually teaches us something about ourselves.

With no date for The Last of Us announced it may not be ready until next year, but when it hits Playstation 3 it may very well add yet another essential experience to the console's ever-growing library of exclusives."

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Walker2292d ago

This game is gonna be huge !

IC3_DEMON2292d ago

Why... oh why did I buy an Xbox?

kevnb2292d ago

I think people need to relax just a bit. The game looks good, but its not like a gta III moment.

alessandro102292d ago

to me it has that something that elevates it, if everything comes together i can tell i have never had that feeling of actually care to see somenone die.. it just incredible what this guy are doing and it will redefine gaming developers will start doing other things after this, same has others game look like unchartes (starwars, ironically tomb raider)

kevnb2292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

i think its just because uncharted games get all those game of the year awards etc... Naughty Dog is doing exactly what the critics are craving, and with metacritic bonuses...
No wonder console games are so stale. I believe naughty dog does what they do because they are passionate about it, I believe others copy it so they get higher metacritic scores..

Hicken2292d ago

Dude, stop trolling.

No, seriously, stop it.

You're not impressed. We get it. We got that in the last 50 articles you commented in. There are plenty of other games for you to comment on. There's no need for you to try and downplay what will be, by all accounts, an amazing game because you have something against Naughty Dog.

Just... go elsewhere. I mean, I could at least understand if you had some sort of legitimate complaints, but all you've got is "This game probably won't be as good as it looks."

Really? That's it?

I mean crap, if you're gonna troll, troll harder. Or don't troll at all.

TheKindRoost2292d ago

from the article " one developer - who shall remain unnamed - stated "I thought this was going to an original title, but it's just another Uncharted game". lol he mad.

Nimblest-Assassin2291d ago

wonder who it was... but yeah, he mad