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From the preview: "Last year at E3, SEGA had a theater presentation of Aliens: Colonial Marines. This year at their booth, they let everyone play a multiplayer mode of the game. So what SEGA had was a team deathmatch setup where a group of xenomorphs took on a group of Marines. As you can probably guess, the xenomorphs had a clear advantage and it didn’t take long before the Marines, the team I was on, was being eaten left and right."

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ThanatosDMC2374d ago

I just want 60+ hours of gameplay. I doubt it if the story is linear though. They were touting it to be like L4D2 way back then in a gameinformer magazine like your co-op mates getting dragged by an alien and you have to save them.

If its not as expansive as Borderland's single/co-op campaign, then it'll be boring for me. I hope multiplayer is not just boring team deathmatch.