QueenOf2k - NBA 2k13 Improvements Needed To Stay Ahead Of The Competition

QueenOf2k NBA 2k13 improvements 4 NBA 2k13. An Opinion from a female gamer

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KMCROC542321d ago

What competition their was no Live last year , besides it has to be doing well if it scared EA to not release a live game.

nevin12321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

1. Bring back My player pick up game

2. Bring back Crew mode with improvements

3. Bring back online lobby

4. Bring back full Dunk contest with improvements

5. Bring Back 3 point contest

6. Improve online servers

NYC_Gamer2321d ago

I want NBA 2k13 to include Euro/Asian teams

Gambit_the_White2320d ago

There should be more than one question in each press conference in My Player. The press conferences should also be in the Association mode, after games. It would be cool if, both in My Player and Association, you would be interviewed during breaks in the game, like for example, when walking into the locker room in halftime. Now, obviously, it's not possible to get every single NBA player into the studio to record some voice-work, but having it just text-based would be absolutely fine by me. And while I'm talking about the Association mode, they need to bring back the trading block.

One thing I've been waiting for since the debut of the My Player mode, is being able to change jerseys before playing games. If I get drafted by, for example, Golden State I at least want to be able to play in their old uniforms, instead of the DISGUSTING new ones game after game after game.

You should be able to select a voice for your Player. If you create a whiter-than-snow 7'2" Center from Russia, it's a little weird hearing him talk with an African-American accent.

FIX the sprinting speed issues. Like in the E3 gameplay video, Kendrick Perkins runs just as fast as Russell Westbrook on the fast break. Perkins is one of the slowest runners in the NBA. Game breaking glitch right there.

I doubt I even need to mention the passing, but yeah, fix that too.

Then there's the problem with playing in the paint. I'm REALLY tired of trying to use a size/weight mismatch to score a bucket in the paint. If I'm using, let's say Dwight Howard, against a Point Guard, let's say Stephen Curry, Howard shouldn't have to change his shot in mid-air because of contact with Curry. However, this almost ALWAYS happens in the game, and Howard would 9 times out of 10 miss the shot and wouldn't get a foul, which is strange because Curry would jump into him with clear contact. Not to mention when you're running a fast break, and let's use the same guys again as an example. I pass the ball to Howard who is at the front. I then charge in for the dunk, but somehow Curry manages to slip in front, jump into Howard, force Howard to change the "shot" into a contact lay-up. This is soooo ridiculous. First of all, If Curry would jump into a dunking Howard, he would be chucked back through the air. He most certainly wouldn't force a contact lay-up out of Howard, who in most cases wouldn't get the foul and miss the lay-up.

Graphically, there's not much wrong with the game. Although, I think they should make a few changes to the uniforms. In real life, the shorts are a little shorter, and the jerseys are much tighter. They should also make the net thicker and not move as much. For example, when you make a shot, every inch of the net often goes all the way up above the rim, something which most definitely doesn't happen in real life.

Just yesterday I ran into an ugly glitch in 2K12. All of a sudden all my rookies had pitch-black arms (I'm playing on the PS3). Me and my friend noticed it on Kawhi Leonard when we were playing in the Association mode. He mentioned that Leonard's arms were really dark, and when we checked it out in the instant replay, they got darker and darker as we zoomed in. When you were up close, they were completely black. That's how it is on every single rookie. I wouldn't mind seeing that fixed, if it's in 2K13 as well.

I could go ooon and on but this is enough for now.