When "Pretty Good" Isn't Good Enough

The E3 when we all planned on Nintendo knocking our socks off was instead stolen by...Ubisoft? Has the world gone mad? Breathe, Nintendo fans. The world is still spinning.

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TheGamingArt2292d ago

NIntendo's conference wasn't even "pretty good".

EvilTwin2292d ago

To each their own, amigo. I think the launch lineup is actually pretty strong. It does lack a big Nintendo killer app, though. And really, if you're buying a console from big N, that's what a lot of people want, I think.

TheGamingArt2291d ago

If they're not going to impress on a technical standard (which they didn't) they HAVE to provide a good reason to choose their console over the others. Especially when the other consoles have an insanely larger install base and library.